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Apex Legends cross-play is coming - but console players won’t be put in PC lobbies

Don't worry console players, you're safe from PC for now

Apex Legends' Octane readies his mechincal leg to stamp on Mirage, who lies prone on the floor

Apex Legends cross-play is finally on its way – but Respawn is going to avoid placing PC and console players in the same lobbies if possible. Rather than everyone being thrown into the same lobbies, console players will only be placed in the PC lobbies if they have a PC player on their team.

In a now private TikTok, spotted by DBLTAP, Respawn software engineer Jake Smullin talks about cross-play and what that means for console and PC players interacting. To calm players’ fears regarding PC players dominating the game, he tells the audience that “you will only be in PC cross-play lobbies if you have a PC player on your team”.

PC players traditionally have an advantage over console players (without aim assist active) in that a mouse grants you better, faster aim – so players have been wondering if this advantage would alter the game significantly.

But now we know, thanks to Smullin, that console players shouldn’t be worried unless they have a PC player as a mate – and then at least you can ask them to carry you to a win.

Cross-play for Apex Legends is due to land sometime later this year, and you can pick up the FPS now on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC – but keep your ears to the ground for its arrival on Nintendo Switch.