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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 map changes

Find out all of the great Warzone map changes that came to Verdansk in Season 3 of the Black Ops Cold War era.

Warzone operators looking down at Verdansk from the cargo hold of a plane

 With Black Ops Cold War no longer supported and it’s time in the spotlight now over, this version of Warzone is not accessible right now. This includes the Season 3 map changes.

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone was a big one, especially for the latter. After months of speculation, leaks, and teasers, big map changes hit Warzone in what was arguably the biggest shakeup since the addition of Rebirth Island as a standalone battle royale experience. Why? Well, Verdansk was nuked to make way for the Warzone Season 3 map changes.

Verdansk got a big makeover in Season 3, going back in time to a Cold War-era, USSR-controlled version of the fictional city. While it was undoubtedly a great map refresh, it’s no longer available in Warzone anymore. With Black Ops Cold War’s time in the spotlight now over, this version of Warzone is not accessible right now.

Was Verdansk nuked in Warzone Season 3?

It sure was. To make way for the drastic map refresh, Warzone Season 3 nuked Verdansk to hit the reset switch. The blast marked the transition to a new-look Verdansk, the previous version being destroyed in the process. This followed a zombie outbreak taking over and missiles flying overhead in-game, building up to the annihilation of Verdansk as we knew it.

Warzone Season 3 map changes Verdansk: A single operator looks down at Verdansk from the open cargo bay door of a plane.

Warzone Season 3 map changes

Warzone Season 3’s map changes saw the arrival of a Cold War-era Verdansk, with many changes and new locations compared to the previous iteration of the iconic map.

Here are some of the most important Verdansk map changes that came with Warzone Season 3.

Old Verdansk Stadium

In this 1980s version of the map, the huge shell of Verdansk’s stadium was no more. The old arena was being dismantled to prepare the area for the construction of a new stadium. What this meant for players was that the location was a lot more chaotic. There were high vantage points thanks to the cranes and scaffolding, and long sightlines on the pitch.

Dam was replaced

In the north of the city, the towering Dam was removed and along the same footprint lay a tall aqueduct instead. While you could travel over the top of it, as you could with Dam before it, the frozen lake behind Dam was replaced by a standard rock face and grassland.

Additionally, the iconic Black Ops map Summit was brought back as Gora Viadubt to add even more hot spots to this area.

Verdansk Regional Airport

Before Verdansk was a busting spot for international travel, it had a humble regional airport. This reworked location was intact compared to its original counterpart which had its roof caved in and craters littered the runway. Players could use the control tower for a great birdseye view.

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Grid Radar Array

The Season 3 map changes also saw a new location populate the map – Grid Radar Array. This radar base was absolutely massive, towering over the landscape and acting as a landmark for the nearby points of interest. While there wasn’t all too much here compared to other locations, it was still a great addition to Verdansk.

Old Mine

Nestled in the northwestern corner of Verdansk, this location brought players a taste of the Old West. Well, at least that’s what it felt like. This old mine featured a handful of small wood and sheet metal shacks and even mines that resulted in close-quarters skirmishes.


The iconic hot-drop location from the debut of Warzone, Superstore, also got a facelift in Warzone Season 3. Clad in concrete and boasting more skylights and various changes to the interior, this area somehow became even more chaotic.

Those were all the big changes to Warzone’s Verdansk map in Season 3. With this map no longer being accessible, nor any of Black Ops Cold War’s integrated content, it’s a shame newer players can’t experience this great battleground for themselves. However, it’s certainly possible it could return in the future in a throwback event perhaps.