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True horror royalty arrives on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus

Few horror experiences come close to Resident Evil 2 on PS5 and Xbox - but that’s not all to be excited about this month on PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass.

Resident Evil 2 Game Pass PS Plus: Claire in a red jacket holding a shotgun

One of the all-time great horror games has finally made its way to both PS5 and Xbox via their respective subscription models. Having been announced for PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass earlier this month, the Resident Evil 2 remake is now available to download and play from today.

Of course, you’ll have to be on the correct subscription band for each service to access it. Those on both PS Plus Extra and Premium can pilot Leon and Claire through the remake of one of the best horror games ever. Meanwhile, you’ll need an active Game Pass Console or Ultimate sub to hop in on Xbox – horror aficionados currently subbed to Game Pass Core, now’s a better time than any to make the leap considering the absence of spooky games on the base band.

Originally released in 2019, the Resident Evil 2 remake completely reimagines the 1998 zombie-infested classic with new puzzles, areas, and more. Placing you in the blood-soaked shoes of both Leon and Claire, who each get their own campaign path, you’ll navigate the unforgiving Raccoon City. You can go in guns-blazing if you so wish, but ammo is at a premium so be wary – the way Capcom uses resource scarcity to build on the intensity of Resi’s gameplay has always been a hallmark of the series. Stamped with Metacritic’s ‘Must-Play’ badge and scored at 91 by critics, the RE2 remake is an absolute banger.

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Elsewhere in this month’s offerings, it looks like Team Green is speeding away in the value race. While PS Plus subscribers will also be able to dive into the wacky world of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and experience one of the best movie games of all time in Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, Xbox is putting on a show.

Having already offered up one of the best open world games in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla this month, Game Pass subs will also be treated to F1 23 – check out our F1 23 review for more on that – alongside the day-one release of Palworld. That’s the Pokémon-with-guns game, in case you needed a reminder. While the list of day-one Xbox exclusives for this year has an overall serious vibe to it, Jamie believes that Palworld is an “injection of lunacy” that Game Pass needs, so keep an eye out for when it drops on January 19.

It certainly looks like PlayStation is going to be playing catch up with Game Pass once again this year, should January’s list be anything to go by. With some of the best games hitting Xbox’s service this month, picking up a sub is looking increasingly enticing.