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Warzone just unvaulted this nightmare-fuel attachment on PS5 and Xbox

Snake Shot ammo is back, but you won’t be toppling the Warzone meta with it anymore as COD dev Raven Software has nerfed it hard.

Warzone patch notes snake shot ammo nerf

We still shudder at the thought of Snake Shot ammunition in Call of Duty Warzone. It is absolutely disgusting on the battlefield, but there’s nothing worse than when it decimates you in the heat of battle. After the attachment dominated the game, Raven Software removed it from loadouts last December so it could make some tweaks. However, it’s now served its time in Raven’s vault, and Snake Shot ammo is back on the menu, but not quite as you remember it.

There are plenty of options to explore within the current Warzone meta, whether you’re a mid-range combatant or an expert long-range marksman. Those of you getting stuck into close-range skirmishes will know that the TYR handgun can be deadly, despite its very lackluster foundations. With Snake Shot ammo attached, it can annoy the living hell out of your enemies, and now Raven has confirmed that the attachment has been “re-enabled” in the FPS game.

If that news has left you trembling in fear, then don’t panic –  Raven has made a vital change to its damage output. While it used to rip apart armor plates with ease, that sense of unwavering firepower isn’t the same. “Damage per pellet at max range reduced to 12, down from 34,” explains the Call of Duty developer in a recent Warzone patch notes blog post. It might not seem like a huge drawback, but every damage point counts when it comes down to a 1v1 gunfight.

An image of the Warzone patch notes showing the Snake Shot ammo nerf

Naturally, Warzone is always encountering buffs and nerfs, so it is possible that Raven may reconsider Snake Shot ammo’s damage output. Before its removal on December 16, it was an almost guaranteed one-shot killer. Now, you should at least have a chance to shoot back if someone decides to come at you with some Snake Shot rounds in the chamber.

It remains to be seen whether it can reclaim its reputation with players in the coming weeks, as Warzone Season 1 Reloaded revitalizes one of the best battle royale games on PS5 and Xbox. Though, if you want a change from Warzone, perhaps trying to get rich is more your forte. We’re talking about The Finals, of course, which is about to receive some electrifying updates.

An image of Warzone updates on X showing the Snake Shot ammo removal

In fact, we think The Finals is one of the best competitive new PS5 games and new Xbox games in ages, and feels like one of the first true next-gen shooters.