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Warzone Season 1 turns the game’s worst pistol into a one-shot wonder

If you want a new pistol for your loadout, the new Warzone Season 1 update transforms the worst secondary in MW3 into something special.

Warzone Season 1 Tyr Aftermarket Parts: an operator in a cat robot suit with glowing pistols

The next new Warzone update is finally here and there’s a lot to look forward to if you’re a fan – and even more to look forward to if you dropped off during Al Mazrah. From a new main battle royale map (at long last) to an entire arsenal of additional armaments (thanks to MW3), Call of Duty is going all in on Warzone Season 1 – an update that should refresh and revitalize the experience for both new and returning players. One thing that stands out from the new patch notes, though, is that there’s a new attachment on the way that transforms one of the worst pistols available into a must-have one-shot rifle. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Call of Duty Warzone has had a tough time of things the last few months, that much is true, but it’s still one of the best battle royale games available right now and an attractive alternative to all the new PS5 games and new Xbox games out there for FPS fans. And, from what we know about what’s coming to Warzone when the Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 release date rolls around, it’s really going to reassert itself as a popular pick among PlayStation and Xbox players.

Although, if you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself at the wrong end of the newly-announced Jak Beholder Rifle Kit when you’re running around the final circle in a battle royale mode match on the new Warzone map, you might just think otherwise. This Aftermarket Parts attachment for the Tyr pistol transforms one of the worst sidearms in Modern Warfare 3 into a one-shot rifle. We don’t know how the Warzone meta will shake out with some of the best MW3 guns arriving alongside an existing arsenal of weapons, but this conversion kit is going to propel the Tyr into the realms of the best Warzone guns available – which is truly shocking when you think about how rubbish it is in Multiplayer.

As the new Call of Duty Warzone Season 1 patch notes explain, the Jak Beholder Rifle Kit introduces “a long and heavy barrel that offers the best increase to range” to the Tyr; it “improves recoil control and damage range, converting this handgun into a one-shot rifle” and is only compatible with this sidearm at the moment. Armor Plates are always troublesome in Warzone firefights and we don’t know how this converted Tyr will perform against those just yet, but the fact that this Aftermarket Parts attachment is going to be so powerful that Call of Duty can even call it a one-shot weapon is as frightening as it is exciting.

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If you want to equip one of your best Warzone loadouts with a new sidearm, you really should consider the Tyr – provided you can unlock the Jak Beholder Rifle Kit attachment, anyway. Call of Duty hasn’t specified how Warzone players specifically will be able to unlock these unique attachments yet, but you can unlock Modern Warfare 3 Aftermarket Parts attachments – which will carry over and be available in both games when unlocked – by completing Weekly Challenges. At the moment, with both games sharing progression, we believe that the same situation will apply to Warzone players.

If you want to read up a little more on Warzone while you wait for the Season 1 update to arrive and install – as it’s reportedly over 30GB in size – you can check out the new Warzone map trailer right here. With Call of Duty as a whole expected to grow even bigger than it already is, and this something we don’t think will stop in the coming months, you should look into picking up one of the best Xbox expansion cards or the best PS5 SSDs if you haven’t already. More storage space is never a bad thing.