Acclaimed Xbox exclusive Immortality is now on PS5

Immortality is now available for PS5 players, but creator Sam Barlow is already teasing two new games with equally mysterious concepts.

Immortality PS5: An image of Manon Gage in Immortality.

The award-winning Immortality isn’t your average game. Billed as an interactive movie, rather than a traditional videogame, PlayStation players can get ensnared by it too. Immortality is available to purchase on the PlayStation Store for PS5. But that’s not all, as game director Sam Barlow has also been teasing his next project.

There are plenty of Xbox exclusives we’d love to see traverse over to the land of PlayStation, so seeing Immortality find a place within the best PS5 games is a special moment. Barlow teased that the game would be coming to PS5 recently on social media, simply confirming he was “working on it.”

The game presents players with three ‘lost’ movies that are the last works of fictitious actress Marissa Marcel, who has suddenly disappeared. It’s up to you to put the pieces together, watching each movie to dig up clues along the way.

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To fully immerse PS5 players returning to or booting up Immortality for the first time, this iteration of the game includes haptic feedback and utilization of the DualSense’s speaker to elevate the experience. The excitement doesn’t end with the PS5 version of Immortality, as Barlow has also been teasing what games Half Mermaid is working on next.

Speaking to Kinda Funny Games, Barlow explains that “one of them is in the tradition of Immortality. [It is] building on some of that tech but going in a cool direction.” This is in reference to Project C, the first of two games in development. Barlow explains that when “you look at the Steam tags, you can see that it’s horror, sci-fi horror, it’s a very cool premise.” Furthermore, Project C contains “the chunkiest mechanic we’ve come up with within this kind of non-linear space – it’s a cool little puzzle.”

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Regarding Project D, Barlow details it “is for my old school fans that played Silent Hill: Shattered Memories back in the day […] this is a third-person survival horror game […] imagine what happens if the immortality team fuses with a third-person survival horror game”.

Currently, both games are only listed for PC players, but we reckon that they’ll soon appear on the list of new Xbox games and new PS5 games in the future.