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Rejoice, Warzone Season 2 is set to resurrect Fortune’s Keep

Call of Duty content creators are already teasing the return of the beloved Fortune’s Keep map with the Warzone Season 2 update on PS5 and Xbox.

Warzone Fortune's Keep returning Season 2: Ghost holding a rifle across his chest, set against a blurred background of the Fortune's Keep map with two confetti emojis around the character.

From new weapons to unlock to brand new modes, one of the best aspects of Call of Duty Warzone is its near-constant influx of new content. However, with the release of Warzone 2 in November 2022, the fan-favorite Warzone Fortune’s Keep map was removed from rotation. After vanishing for over a year, new Warzone Season 2 teaser packages sent to content creators suggest it’s making a return on PS5 and Xbox very soon.

Set on a small island in the Adriatic Sea and much smaller in scale than other Warzone maps, Fortune’s Keep was a popular arena until it was removed. The tighter design changed up the Warzone meta and the best Warzone loadouts for some fresh and frantic action. As much as we love Urzikstan, we’re excited to potentially return to Fortune’s Keep once Warzone Season 2 hits PS5 and Xbox.

This tease comes from packages sent to Call of Duty content creators, such as ‘Majin’. In his post revealing the large, wooden box labelled ‘Call of Duty Season 2’, Majin claims he is “fortunate” to receive the rare package, going on to state that “Season 2 will ‘keep’ the vibes going”. In other words, Majin has all but confirmed that Fortune’s Keep will be returning in Warzone Season 2. The official Call of Duty Twitter account even responded to Majin’s post, cheekily acknowledging the reveal.

Warzone Fortune's Keep returning Season 2: A screenshot of Majin's post with an image of the wooden crate underneath.

Unless one of the current maps are swapped out, Fortune’s Keep will join Urzikstan, Vondel, and fellow small-scale map Ashika Island in the Warzone map rotation and hopefully change up the best Warzone guns once again. It’s currently unknown whether the map will be receiving any changes when it returns in Season 2, though it’s very much a possibility given the drastically altered movement systems of MW3 compared to its predecessor.

The long-awaited return of Fortune’s Keep has already been met with a positive sentiment. In fact, many fans expressed that they had taken a break from Warzone with the current selection of maps, but that Fortune’s Keep would bring them back into the fold.

Alongside Fortune’s Keep, Warzone Season 2 is set to bring plenty more new additions to one of the best battle royale games and best FPS games, including new weapons, gear, and a suite of new balance changes. We’re hoping this unexpected MW3 crossover will coincide with Season 2’s release date to spice up the action even further.