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This unexpected leaked MW3 crossover could be its best yet

New leaks suggest we could be seeing an unexpected but incredible Call of Duty MW3 and Warhammer 40K crossover on PS5 and Xbox very soon.

MW3 Warhammer 40K crossover collaboration event: A Space Marine on the left and Captain Price on the right, with an PlayStation logo and Xbox logo behind them respectively.

Call of Duty is no stranger to absurd crossovers and collaborations, such as Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Alucard from Hellsing, and even the elaborate The Boys event. Bringing new Operator skins, weapon bundles, takedowns, and sometimes even wacky new in-game powers, it’s certainly a highlight of MW3’s seasonal model. Well, recent leaks suggest we may be getting an MW3 Warhammer 40K crossover very soon which has the potential to be the best yet on PS5 and Xbox.

With MW3’s seamless integration with MW2 and Warzone, players can still enjoy many of the absurd Call of Duty crossovers we’ve been treated to so far on PS5 and Xbox. While it’s more than a little immersion-breaking to see Diablo’s Lilith running around a submarine base with a Glock at the ready, it’s undoubtedly exciting finding out which IP is next to make the jump into one of the best FPS games around.

After a series of leaks from ‘CODWarfareForum’ on Twitter revealing MW3 Season 2 content, it appears as though an MW3 x Warhammer 40K crossover is next up. With its grim sci-fi setting packed with futuristic weapons and machinery, including the iconic Space Marines, there’s certainly a lot to play around with when it comes to new Operators and event modes – some of which was detailed in the extensive datamining for Season 2.

Most notably, leaked loading screen artwork suggests that Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas of the Dark Angels, and Helewise of the Sisters of Battle, will be playable Operators across MW3 and Warzone. Decked out in heavy armor, these skins would potentially be the largest and most outlandish yet, giving the Diablo Inarius Operator a run for its money. We’re not going to host the leaked assets here for fear of Activision’s well-worn DMCA hammer, but you can get a feel for what these characters look like in the image below. Check out the Warhammer 40K factions to find out more about these important players.

MW3 Warhammer 40K crossover collaboration event: Artwork of Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas of the Dark Angels on the left and Helewise of the Sisters of Battle on the right, both from Warhammer 40K.

From here, the leaks also revealed a brand-new event mode as part of the MW3 Warhammer 40K collaboration. Though it’s currently unnamed, there are a handful of event medals that have been dug up. However, this event mode could go hand in hand with the various bosses uncovered by ‘SemtexLeaks’: the Baton Jailer, Swamp Monster (Fenbeast), Ogre Butcher, and Mummy. It’s possible that players will have to defeat these various bosses to win or perhaps even play as them to gain a leg-up on the opposition. For reference, the recent The Boys event mode involves defeating players and picking up the Temp V item they drop on death to gain wacky superpowers based on the characters from the show. Evidently, Sledgehammer isn’t afraid to get a little wild with its events.

Perhaps most excitingly though, ‘FumoLeaks’ dug up several new execution strings in the game files that suggest the iconic Warhammer 40K chainsword is arriving in MW3 and Warzone. The execution string mentions a ‘buzzsaw’, which is most likely the chainsword. In other words, we could soon be turning other players into sashimi with the monstrous chainsword fit for a Space Marine.

While that’s all there is to go off right now, there’s potential for even more Call of Duty Warhammer 40K goodness. Perhaps we’ll even see a Boltgun design similar to the Super Shotgun skin from the Doom crossover? Then we could truly dominate the MW3 meta in style. While we wait for Season 2 to arrive and see if these leaks materialize, make sure you’re diving into MW3’s newest (and sweatiest) game mode right now.