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MW3 Season 1 Reloaded just resurrected one of COD’s sweatiest modes

You’ve been waiting for it and now Sledgehammer has delivered, because MW3 Season 1 Reloaded is bringing back the sweat of Headquarters.

MW3 Season 1 Reloaded patch notes ps5 xbox

It almost seems criminal to leave Headquarters out of the latest Call of Duty game, as it originated within the first ever entry. However, after a brief stint of evading Modern Warfare 3, the fan-favorite game mode is finally back in rotation. MW3 Season 1 Reloaded is here, and this is what to expect from Headquarters’ return.

The new Modern Warfare 3 patch notes are live, revealing that three new modes are currently live for PS5 and Xbox players. Once you’ve downloaded its corresponding update, which weighs in at around 18GB, you can expect to dive into Headquarters, Team Gunfight, Infected, and Ranked Play. The resurrection of Headquarters will pique your interest, as it wasn’t included in Modern Warfare 3 upon launch. If you’ve, somehow, never played it before, it can get extremely hectic. Players are tasked with capturing and then holding a continually changing objective point on the map, accruing points in the process.

Once a point is captured, respawns are disabled for the defending team, making each bullet count in a bid to stomp out the other team’s success. It is easily one of the strongest modes in the Call of Duty pantheon, as it proves to be a true test of your skill level, while also allowing you to rack up XP at an excellent rate. For ensured success, be sure to check out what the MW3 meta is and equip yourself with one of the best MW3 loadouts available. You won’t be able to bring it into Team Gunfight, though.

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An expanded version of the highly intense 2v2 mode, Team Gunfight sees players battle it out in 6v6 skirmishes, while conforming to Gunfight’s rules. As with traditional Gunfight, all players will receive the same randomized loadout at the start of each round and new loadouts continuously until the end of the match. No loadout is ever the same and can be the factor that decides your downfall. However, if you adapt quickly, you’ll find your footing with ease.

Infected is another returning mode from the Call of Duty archives, too. It isn’t anything to do with MW3 Zombies, though. You’ll be escaping the grasp of your enemies, as they attempt to eliminate and assimilate each of your team members until you are the last one standing.

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You may recognize infected from another franchise in the best FPS games roster, and that would be Halo. Halo Infinite, in particular, is on an upward swing right now, and it is an Xbox exclusive we can’t wait to see it evolve further over the coming months.