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MW3’s most powerful attachment is as risky as it is rewarding

The MW3 JAK BFB Aftermarket Part attachment offers an incredible bonus to your loadouts, though it comes with a big drawback on PS5 and Xbox.

MW3 JAK BFB: A soldier wearing blue and orange uniform with a full-face helmet holding a weapon at the ready. To the left of the image is the JAK BFB Aftermarket Part attachment placed on a gold star.

From turning a pistol into a budget sniper or dual-wielding SMGs, Call of Duty MW3 is full of inventive Aftermarket Part attachments for PS5 and Xbox players to take into battle. While the new Aftermarket Part, the JAK BFB muzzle, is undoubtedly more tame than a full conversion kit, it offers an irresistible bonus – though, it’s not without a significant catch that makes the MW3 JAK BFB the most risk-reward attachment on PS5 and Xbox in Season 1.

As part of MW3’s new Aftermarket Parts system, we occasionally get new tools to shake up the MW3 meta on PS5 and Xbox. The JAK BFB is the most recent addition to the multiplayer sandbox, offering you unprecedented amounts of recoil control, which sounds great. However, this comes at the cost of lighting you up like a Christmas tree on the minimap (and not just with a standard red dot either). With such risk and reward, the JAK BFB slots into many of the best MW3 loadouts if you’re willing to change how you play in multiplayer and Warzone.

Unlocked via Sector A21 in the MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass after getting ten Operator or special zombie hipfire kills with SMGs, the JAK BFB provides a staggering 60% improved recoil kick control, 40% vertical recoil control, and 20% horizontal control. Though the small hits to ADS speed, sprint to fire speed, and strafe speed aren’t ideal, they’re nowhere near as important as the fact that the JAK BFB muzzle paints a directional indicator on the minimap while firing.

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You read that right, the enemies effectively gain the effects of an Advanced UAV when you’re firing. With enemies knowing the exact direction you’re facing as well as your location, it’s much easier for them to flank and get the drop on you. It’s worth noting that this icon will not display your elevation, which can sometimes be more important to enemies than the direction you’re facing, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Nevertheless, if you’re willing to go all in on an aggressive playstyle, this new Aftermarket Part is absurd. Offering the best recoil control out of any other attachment, you’ll likely only need the JAK BFB for stability and accuracy. This lets you use the four remaining attachment slots to mod one of the best MW3 guns for swiftness rather than control. Fully decked out, you’ll be blazing quick, reactive, and accurate – though you’ll still be giving your position away when firing.

To remedy this, you’ll want to equip the Counter UAV Killstreak and push the pedal to the metal. Given your super-soldier status, getting this streak should be much easier than ever, and once you get it, you can negate the biggest downside of the attachment.

With enemies in the dark, you’re free to rip and tear through the lobby. Given the JAK BFB can be equipped on most assault rifles, SMGs, and battle rifles, there’s a good chance your favorite weapon can make use of this powerful Aftermarket Part.

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