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MW3 update reworks several Aftermarket Parts, so expect carnage

The new set of MW3 patch notes reveal that four Aftermarket Part attachments are getting buffed or reworked for COD players on PS5 and Xbox.

MW3 update: Ghost from Call of Duty MW3 surrounded in a red glow. A machine gun and logos for Xbox and PlayStation circle around him

Sledgehammer Games has just released the latest set of Call of Duty MW3 patch notes, and there are some significant changes to Aftermarket Part attachments. These special attachments, which aim to radically change the performance and feel of a weapon, have so far been a bit hit-and-miss. But the new Modern Warfare 3 update is certainly trying to convince PS5 and Xbox players to use them more frequently.

The January 23 update to Modern Warfare 3 isn’t the biggest we’ve ever seen – we have just been treated to the massive Season 1 Reloaded update, after all. However, the MW3 meta might receive a little shakeup after this patch, despite the fact that there are minimal base weapon balance changes. Instead, four Aftermarket Part attachments have been given healthy buffs, and Sledgehammer explains why it’s making this important change to one of the best multiplayer games out there.

“Based on your feedback and a review of recently released Aftermarket Parts, we’ve implemented significant changes for you to experience today,” the developer says in the patch notes. “Looking ahead, we’ve refined our approach to balancing Aftermarket Parts to ensure they’re powerful, worth the grind, and most importantly, fun!”

This mantra certainly wasn’t ignored with the brand new Aftermarket Part that went live recently with Season 1 Reloaded – we branded the JAK BFB as the ultimate risk-reward attachment, thanks to its remarkable accuracy stats that are countered by the fact it reveals your position and direction on the mini map. It’s powerful, but with a big tradeoff, that is very fun to use. The changes in this update look to bring some of the less popular Aftermarket Parts up to that standard.

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Those involved are the JAK Signal Burst for the DM56 and the Holger 556, the JAK Thunder LMG Kit for the Sidewinder, the JAK Ettin Double Barrel Kit for the AMR9 submachine gun, and the JAK Headhunter Carbine Conversion for the Rival-9. All of them have received juicy buffs or decent reworks to make them more powerful, more unique, or both.

The one that’s piqued our interest the most is the JAK Ettin Double Barrel Kit. This was initially marketed as an attachment that would allow you to fire two bullets at a time instead of one when wielding the AMR9. Sledgehammer admits though that it “did not function as designed”, and the video below from YouTuber ‘TheXclusiveAce’ proves how mediocre it was. That has now been rectified though, so you will now “truly fire two bullets at once…notably improving its time-to-kill”. Its accuracy has also been improved.

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But that’s not all, as the AMR9 itself has been tweaked as well. While it’s been nerfed in the damage range department and has had some damage multipliers scaled back too, it’s seen a rate of fire increase of 6%. This, combined with the fact you can now actually fire two bullets at the same time, could make this a very scary attachment indeed.

You can check out the full suite of changes here.

So, if you get beamed this week by a suspiciously powerful SMG or a battle rifle that’s behaving like an LMG, you’ve got these tweaks to Aftermarket Parts to thank. MW3 continues to be one of the best FPS games for relentless multiplayer action, and it’s apparently got an unexpected (but awesome) crossover coming soon.