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PS Plus is losing 10 games in February, including this horror hit

A fresh culling of PS Plus Extra and Premium games is upon us, and soon PS5 players will lose access to some of the best AAA and indie games on the service.

PS5 PS Plus leaving soon February 2024: Mia, a dark-haired woman with a pale face

The PlayStation Plus games leaving the service for Extra and Premium members in February appear to have been revealed. Though a date has yet to be formally announced, PS5 players won’t have long to enjoy ten top games – from indie darlings to AAA behemoths.

Though Sony has yet to confirm the selection in any official communications, an update to the ‘leaving soon’ section of PS Plus on console was spotted by ‘LaFriteFrancaise’ over on Reddit. The games leaving in February are Ace Combat 7; Hue; I am Setsuna; Lost Sphear; Lost Words; Oninaki; Resident Evil 7: Biohazard; Tacoma; Tekken 7; and Thomas Was Alone.

The most notable departure for this writer is undoubtedly Resi 7. One of the best horror games Capcom has produced for the series to date, Resi 7 takes place in a chilling, fictional recreation of Louisiana – big Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes here. Following Ethan Winters in his quest to find his missing wife, things get really weird real quick.

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If you already owned Resi 7 thanks to the now-defunct PS Plus Collection (RIP), then the game should remain untouched within your library when the fated day comes – keep it secret, keep it safe. Just make sure you don’t override the license with the PS Plus version, otherwise it really will disappear. The blow is somewhat softened, however, by the fact that the exquisite Resident Evil 2 remake got added to the service as part of January’s line up.

Tekken 7 leaving PS Plus isn’t particularly surprising, considering the Tekken 8 release date is just around the corner. Nonetheless, it’s a feels-bad moment for those who haven’t been enamored with what they’ve seen of Bandai Namco’s latest, or experienced in the recent demo for the game. If you are looking to pick up the next installment in the battle between Jin and Kazuya, then getting some time in with one of the best fighting games before it goes is highly recommended.

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The other biggie on the list comes from another of Bandai Namco’s iconic IPs – Ace Combat 7. Blending challenging flight mechanics with a hefty helping of aerial combat, AC7 is a must-play for any Top Gun wannabes out there. While it may come across as a pew-pew bang-bang type of game, AC7’s campaign is a real treat.

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If you’re looking for a more condensed experience to plug away at over the coming weekends, then we’d recommend Hue, Tacoma, and Thomas Was Alone. You can roll the credits of each in under five hours, making them prime candidates for trophy hunters. The trio all sit around the 75-80 mark on Metacritic, with the latter of the three being a standout. The puzzle platformer is beautifully crafted, and its soothing soundtrack makes it the perfect pick for a relaxing game to curl up with.

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Though it’s never fun to say goodbye to a delightful assortment of PS Plus games – some of which are often on the list of best PS5 games – you still have a couple of weeks to jump in and rack up the hours. Though you won’t get points for your weekly plunder as Xbox players are now enjoying through Microsoft Rewards, reveling in these excellent gaming experiences should be rewarding enough.