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Fortnite Festival may use classic Guitar Hero feature for new mode

Epic Games is allegedly working on new Fortnite Festival modes for PS5 and Xbox which may hark back to one awesome Guitar Hero game mode.

fortnite festival new game modes ps5 xbox

Fortnite Festival is only just getting started, and as we enter the new year, Epic Games is setting its sights on bringing fresh game modes to the PS5 and Xbox rhythm game spin-off. Getting together with your bandmates to bring the masses musical synergy is great, but if you’re eager to flex on your friends instead, then these potential new game modes are definitely going to be for you.

According to Fortnite leaker ‘iFireMonkey’, and corrobated by ‘BeastFNCreative’, new claims purport that “Epic Games is working on a few new modes for Fortnite Festival” to arrive in the future. Though a specific timescale is unknown, the leaker alleges that Fortnite Festival players across PS5 and Xbox can look forward to a total of three new modes in one of the best multiplayer games available, which are as follows:

  • Duel
  • Arena
  • Music Battle

Details of how these modes will function are under wraps, but we speculate that Duel will take influence directly from Guitar Hero and Rock Band’s variants of facing off against players in 1v1 matches. Guitar Hero games like Legends of Rock pitted players against each other in ‘Face Off’ modes, with’Pro Face Off’ giving each rival the same exact notes – rather than distributing bass or guitar duties between the pair.

Fortnite Festival new modes ps5 xbox

As Fortnite Festival allows players to choose between instruments before and between each song on the set list, without a limit on how many drummers or bassists there are, it is possible that Duel mode will reflect this upon launch. Arena is far more vague to postulate ideas on, but perhaps this alludes to far bigger shows than what is currently possible.

Specifically, this may allow players to create set lists bigger than 4 songs, or it could mean a variation of a career mode seen in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Arena tour, anyone? The arrival of Fortnite Festival guitar controllers can’t come quick enough.

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Additionally, Music Battle does have some information to formulate expectations from. “It looks like in Music Battles you will go up against another player on the same song and depending on how high of a score you get, the person with the higher score will deal damage to the other player,” the leaker explains. With Fortnite beginning as a survival game before emerging as one of the best battle royale games out there, this would be a great way to bring the game’s combative edge to Fortnite Festival organically.

There’s still plenty of time before The Weeknd departs as Fortnite Festival’s current headlining act, but when he does leave, we think arena rock legends Foo Fighters should replace him.