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New Fortnite Festival guitar controller shreds its way to PS5 and Xbox

A new Fortnite Festival guitar controller from PDP is coming to PS5 and Xbox, providing players a true alternative to Guitar Hero accessories.

Fortnite Festival PDP controller PS5 Xbox

Resurrect your Guitar Hero and Rock Band skills, because Fortnite Festival is poised to get a serious upgrade. And we’re not talking about nailing those inputs on the PS5 or Xbox controller, especially on Expert mode. It’ll likely please you to know that a new PDP guitar controller is in the works, giving you a proper way to enjoy Fortnite Festival with your band.

Following confirmation of support for Fortnite Festival instrument controllers from Epic Games, whether any new PS5 accessories or Xbox controllers would be arriving is still on our minds. Now, console accessory brand PDP confirms that it will be shipping a guitar peripheral for Fortnite players, and it doesn’t appear to be too far away either. In fact, PDP teases that it could begin shipping from as early as January 2024.

Fortnite Festival PDP controller

The post comes from PDP’s official social media page on X, where the company says that players can begin to “rock on this January.” Though an exact date is yet to be specified, the outline of the proposed design for the forthcoming PS5 and Xbox accessory doesn’t bear much resemblance to Guitar Hero or Rock Band controllers of the past. If you were looking for a Gibson SG or Fender Stratocaster callback, you might need to wait a bit longer.

Nevertheless, we’re happy to see that one of the best multiplayer games around right now is getting this kind of support immediately from the gate. After Guitar Hero’s absence from the roster of new PS5 games over the years, and no new Rock Band games either, we’re so happy to see Epic Games revive this style of game. With Rock Band developer Harmonix onboard too, the future of Fortnite Festival feels exceptionally promising.

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There’s something highly amusing about putting together a band with your friends, that consists of John Wick, Peter Griffin, Thanos, and the Xenamorph from Alien. What an era to experience. We’ve already covered the initial batch of tracks present in the Fortnite Festival song list, but we wonder what Epic Games has up its sleeves for future headlining acts.

When The Weeknd departs from the stage, who will take his place?  Whoever Epic Games chooses will have big shoes to fill, but we’ll be rocking away with a sleek guitar controller by then, at least.