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This Xbox Series S toaster is a tasty way to invest your dough

You’ve seen the Xbox Series X fridge and now you can accompany it with this nifty Xbox Series S toaster that we can’t believe is real.

Xbox Series S toaster

Forget about buttery smooth frame rates for a moment, because the only butter around here is going on your slice of Xbox toast. That’s no joke either, because Microsoft is going where Sony won’t dare, as the tech giant continues to explore the world of novelty food appliances. Throw out your old toaster, because the Xbox Series S toaster actually exists, and somehow it costs less than a full year of Xbox Game Pass.

We’re talking about Xbox Game Pass core specifically, which is available for $59.99/£49.99. This bottom tier features a selection of some of the best Xbox Game Pass games around. You might not get all the benefits of the Ultimate tier, but hey, free games are free games after all. And you can have your toast and eat it alongside them, as Walmart is now selling the Xbox Series S toaster in the United States for $39.99/£31.67. Sadly, there isn’t a retail listing for those in other regions just yet, but Walmart’s listing does give us an idea of how well it performs in the kitchen.

Sure, it functions like a typical toaster, but does your toaster leave a giant Xbox logo on your bread? We thought not. The listing claims that the Xbox Series S toaster boasts a “self-centering bread guide and bagel button” that accommodates different types of bread. Fancy yourself a nice slice of sourdough loaf? Maybe a chunky cinnamon bagel, perhaps? Just like the selection of the best Xbox games around, this toaster ensures it can handle something for everyone.

In a cheeky nod to another Microsoft gaming appliance, the description also notes that this toaster is ideal for handling “items straight out of the freezer or your Xbox Series X fridge.” Is two Xbox appliances too much for your household? We certainly don’t think so. But what we want to know is where Microsoft will go next.

Is there a way to incorporate the design of the best Xbox accessories like controllers into the kitchen? An Xbox controller salt and pepper shaker set? It’d be amusing to see Microsoft give it a go at the very least. 

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When you’re not cooking up a toasty storm, you can fry other players in all the new Xbox games on the horizon, as well as seeing just how incredible the total Xbox Game Pass value is for your buck.