You can get an Xbox Mini Fridge cheaper than Starfield right now

Whether you're exploring Starfield or getting gritty in MW3, you can pick up an Xbox Mini Fridge cheaper than both of them right now.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge sale

Nothing hits better than an ice-cold beverage, whether you’re in the middle of a camo grinding session on Modern Warfare 3 or joining the ranks of Constellation in Starfield. But just how much do you love your Xbox console? Well, if the answer is ‘a lot’, then you’ll likely have glanced at the Xbox Mini Fridge as a potential addition to your home. The good news is that this useful novelty item is now cheaper than the latest Bethesda RPG.

With the holiday season pretty much underway, you might be looking for a gift for your loved ones or your squad mates. Aside from getting them one of many new Xbox games available, why not keep them hydrated with a chilled drink. It doesn’t matter what your drink preference is, you can store up to 8 cans in the smallest version of the Xbox Mini Fridge, which equates to 4.5 liters in space. Alternatively, you can opt for the bigger 12 can version, upping your total real estate up to 10 liters.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

At present, the 8 can version is retailing for $39.97/£39.99, while the 12 can version is $85.80/£65.99. With Starfield Black Friday deals coming to a close, the game’s standard pricing of $70/£70 will be swiftly back in effect, making this quite the deal to consider. The great thing is that this Xbox Mini Fridge also has some surprises onboard to tinker with. After playing some of the best Xbox Game Pass games around, you can investigate the unit further, which reveals the following features:

  • The backlit top grille and Xbox logo set the mood and match your console
  • Just like on your Xbox, the USB port lets you charge a controller or your phone
  • You can use it even while travelling and camping – just connect it to a car socket

Officially made in collaboration with Microsoft by Ukonic, this unique utility item has us thinking whether Sony would consider joining the novelty fridge market. The PS5 shape doesn’t exactly lend itself to an appliance form factor, but we’d like to see them give it a go at least.

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The origin of the Xbox Series X fridge is an amusing one, that’s for sure. Back in 2010, Microsoft and Snoop Dogg (yes, Snoop Dogg) joined forces, to unveil a life-size Xbox Series X fridge, quickly becoming a meme in itself online.

In a blog post revealing this collaboration, Microsoft says that “Xbox surprised music and gaming legend Snoop Dogg for his birthday with a custom cake and delivery of the world’s first-ever, fastest, most powerful Xbox Series X Fridge.”

Following this, a competition was held for one lucky player to win their own fridge. And the rest is history. So, what are you waiting for? Furnish your abode with the finest of gaming appliances out there, or, you could play some of the best Xbox games right now while wrapped in the Starfield duvet set.