This new $75 Starfield duvet costs more than the Bethesda RPG itself

If you want to sleep under the stars like Constellation, then this Starfield duvet set is for you, which is worth more than the game itself.

starfield duvet set xbox

After a long session of travelling across the galaxy in Starfield, retreating to the comfort of your bed is the greatest location in space. But what if you want to champion the spirit of Constellation, away from the acclaimed Xbox RPG? Well, you can bring some Bethesda vibes into your abode, as this brand-new Starfield duvet cover set can be yours now. Although, the price tag is sure to raise some eyebrows.

As we approach the end of the year, the debate on whether Starfield is one of the best RPG games around is still hot. However, put that to bed for a moment, and imagine a world where you pay $75 for a Starfield duvet cover set. Furnishing our beds with the finest materials is all part of adulthood, but is your commitment to Constellation worth more than Starfield itself? Available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes, Bethesda sets the scene for sleeping: “Lay yourself down on a bed of stars and drift off into dreams of exploring distant worlds and unlocking the mysteries of the universe.”

As a former bedroom furniture salesperson, I can stress to you that getting in your 8 hours is important, especially for grinding all the Starfield skills. With one of the best Xbox games available retailing for $51.00/£42.99 currently through Amazon Black Friday deals, you may want to consider other options. Although, if you are interested in journeying into the Starfield while you sleep, Bethesda outlines what $75 will get you:

  • Duvet Cover
  • Starscape pattern
  • Constellation stripes
  • Digital print on face and back
  • Button closure at the bottom
  • With interior ties for inner comforter to be held securely in place

Starfield duvet set bethesda xbox

Sounds like a pretty standard duvet affair, doesn’t it? Well, don’t forget the golden rule with this purchase, which is that there isn’t an actual comforter/duvet filling included. Nope, whether you’re a summer tog kind of person, or all year round winter tog enjoyer, you’ll need to provide your own in this instance. There is some bang for your buck, as you will get matching pillow covers too. Don’t say that Bethesda doesn’t treat you well.

It is a great time to pick up the game, though. With a Starfield PS5 release date unlikely to ever happen, picking up the game through the best Xbox Black Friday deals will keep you occupied over the holiday season. Alternatively, you can check out your Starfield Game Pass options to give it a try before purchasing it outright.

We’ve put in over 100 hours for our Starfield review, where The Loadout’s Jamie Hore notes that despite a few shortcomings that “Starfield is still a brilliant game, and Bethesda’s galaxy is one I’ll be getting lost in for many months and years to come.”

Don’t forget to check out all the other new Xbox games on the horizon too, because the wait for Starfield DLC could be long one.

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