Doom, Turok, and Red Dead combine in this chaotic new PS5 shooter

Son and Bone is a PS5 exclusive FPS that features badass cowboys and dinosaurs fighting each other. We want to play it immediately.

Son and Bone PS5

Have you wondered what would happen if you mashed DOOM and Red Dead Redemption together, with a splash of Turok thrown in for good measure? Of course you have, and now we can show you the result: Son and Bone, the brand-new PS5 exclusive FPS from developer TeamKill Media. The game just received its first gameplay trailer, and you can feast your eyes on plenty of carnivorous carnage.

Coming from the studio behind last year’s Quantum Error, the first trailer for Son and Bone sets the stakes for a gory addition to the halls of PS5 exclusives. It all seems like standard western movie fodder, as protagonist Sheriff Sam Judge is hot on the trail of bandits that have terrorized his town. However, what sets this FPS apart from current offerings like Modern Warfare 3 is that you won’t find dinosaurs ripping apart Captain Price.

According to the game’s synopsis, “Sam finds himself transported to another world overrun with prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs, and now must fight for his life to make it back to earth.”

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It looks like a plentiful array of weapons is available to wield, including a six-shooter revolver. Because, well, it’d be criminal to play as a cowboy without one, really. Other weapons like a Thompson SMG, pump action shotgun, a mini-gun, and a grenade launcher can be spotted in the trailer too. As all these weapons are from different points in time, we’re wondering exactly where the narrative will take us. Will there be some time-travel shenanigans in our quest to get back to Earth? Honestly, we hope so. 

If the DOOM inspiration wasn’t already clear, you can even rip and tear up dino’s with your bare hands. We’ve been longing for an Undead Nightmare expansion for Red Dead Redemption 2 for years, but we’ll happily take on T. rex’s with an arsenal that’d make Rambo blush. Son and Bone is currently available to wishlist on the PlayStation Store, though a release date is yet to be determined. 

However, if you can’t wait for Son and Bone, there are a few alternatives out there to keep you going. Naturally, DOOM and DOOM Eternal are your go-to picks right off the bat – and are two of the best FPS games around. Though, you could take a trip down nostalgia lane, and play Peter Jackson’s King Kong. You’ll need to dust off your PS2, though.

Son and Bone PS5 gameplay

If none of those take your fancy, then there is plenty of time to check out all the free PS Plus games currently available to download right now.