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Sony saves PS5 owners $50 with The Last of Us 2 Remaster gesture

Naughty Dog and Sony are doing something unheard of, and that’s giving you a wad of cash back for pre-ordering The Last of Us 2 Remaster on PS5.

The Last of Us 2 Remaster discount: An image of TLOU 2 remaster on PS5

Typically, when you pre-order a brand-new PS5 game, you’re usually making peace with the fact you’ll be parting ways with upwards of $50. That money disappears into the gaming abyss, but in the case of The Last of Us 2 Remaster, something different appears to be in the water over at Naughty Dog HQ. That’s because if you’ve already committed to buying TLOU 2 Remaster digitally on PS5, you could be owed money just for owning a previous iteration of the acclaimed single-player title.

Yes, Sony could potentially owe you money. As spotted by ‘DomTheBomb’ on social media, Sony and Naughty Dog are contacting PS5 owners to refund them for The Last of Us 2 Remaster, on the condition that you already own the PS4 version of one of the best games of all time.

A message on behalf of the Uncharted studio details that “as a gesture of good will, we have refunded your purchase for the pre-order of the PSS version of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered so that you may purchase the digital upgrade on launch day.” Though this message applies to the PS4’s digital version of the game, there is still an upgrade path for those of you that own the game on disc.

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In fact, like digital owners, you can purchase The Last of Us 2 Remaster for $10/£10 upon release. If you do own the disc version, ensure that your copy is inside your console while trying to claim this deal. Furthermore, the message from Sony expresses that any additional content shall be included: “Rest assured that by purchasing the digital upgrade, you will also receive any pre-order bonuses included in your original pre-order. The refund amount is paid back to your original payment method.”

It is a very rare move to see this kind of transparency over the considerable cost of new PS5 games from Sony, and a gesture that we hope to see from other studios in the future. Usually, if players don’t get the memo about discounted upgrade paths between last-gen and current-gen versions of a game, that’s on them.

It’s refreshing to see Sony make this effort to alert TLOU fans and refund them if they chose the more expensive option – however, you can’t help but think it may be an act of getting back in fans’ good books following the cancellation of The Last of Us’ multiplayer spinoff.

The Last of Us 2 Remaster refund discount

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