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Could Starfield’s “biggest update” lead into the Shattered Space DLC?

A gigantic new Starfield update is coming to Xbox players soon, but we think it may be laying the foundations for the first Starfield DLC.

Starfield new update xbox: An image of Sam Coe from Starfield

Even if you’re one of the avid Starfield players around, there’s no denying that you can encounter a fair amount of bugs in your travels. Though Bethesda continues to stabilize the overall experience, there is still work to be done. Now, the Fallout developer is getting ready to release an important Starfield update with a myriad of improvements.

We think something is brewing behind the scenes at Bethesda. Updates are commonplace for many of the best Xbox games around, but the timing of this Starfield update is interesting. It’ll initially roll out for PC players on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 – two days before the upcoming Xbox Developer Direct showcase. Xbox owners will get treated to the same tweaks soon, as Bethesda confirms that “a planned release date for all players [is coming] two weeks later.”

The Loadout already has some Xbox Developer Direct predictions hanging in the air, one of which is the announcement of a release date for the first Starfield DLC, Shattered Space. With the Steam version of the update boasting over 100 fixes for the game, it seems like an ideal time to get the game in shape ahead of a content drop. If the Xbox version is coming just 14 days later, perhaps we could see the debut of Shattered Space at the end of the month, or at the very least, early February.

Bethesda veteran and game director Todd Howard remains tight-lipped when it comes to Shattered Space. However, as we’ll be seeing the Indiana Jones game at the Developer Direct (which Howard is producing), it isn’t a stretch to theorize that Howard may have some other announcements waiting in the wings.

Shattered Space will be a paid expansion for Starfield, but if you bought the Premium Edition (or the upgrade path for it) or Constellation Edition, you’ll get access to the new DLC upon release.

In the studio’s end-of-year update last month, Bethesda clarifies that “the team is hard at work on the development of Shattered Space, our first major expansion coming next year. You’ll have new story content, new locations, new gear, and much more.” We’re curious to see how this factors into Starfield New Game Plus, and the story ramifications of that.

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