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6 things you should do during the Destiny 2 content drought

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish might be on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to do on PS5 and Xbox for Destiny fans twiddling their thumbs.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish content draught: Shaw Han holding his hand to his ear, with a lightbulb icon next to him, set against a drought.

Although a necessity, the Destiny 2 The Final Shape delay has left us with a painful problem, namely that Season of the Wish has to be extended by almost four months. Sure, the new Wishes activity in February, various events, and the promising ‘Into the Light’ activities will arrive, but it’s safe to say that Destiny 2 players are entering a content drought. Worry not though Guardian, as I’ve brainstormed six ideas, both inside and outside of Destiny, that will plug the gap.

Although playing Destiny 2 regularly often feels like riding a rollercoaster, with frequent ups and downs, it’s still consistently among my most-played games. Despite its flaws, its silky smooth gunplay and engrossing world make it one of the best FPS games on console. However, that concerning D2 The Final Shape release date is going to transform Season of the Wish from a potential all-time great season to a massive drag.

From creative challenges that push you to your limits, to making the best-looking Guardian in the Last City, here’s what I’ll be doing – and what you should do too – to pass the time on PS5 and Xbox.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish content draught: A Hunter holding a bow, ready to fire.

Finish your Exotic collection

First and foremost, it’s about time I finished my Exotic collection – and you should too if you haven’t already. While I’ve got most of the currently available Exotics, I will admit that some have slipped me by or evaded my grasp, including the new Buried Bloodline sidearm. Though I’ve got almost all the guns and armor I want for my Titan build, Warlock build, and Hunter build, I think I’m in the majority when I say that collecting all the items in the game is an oddly obsessive goal; even if I won’t ever use the gear, I still want it! Furthermore, with new Destiny 2 The Final Shape Exotic weapons and armor on the way and The Final Shape Supers which could change the meta somewhat, I’d rather get caught up now before even more gear is added. Thankfully, this goal is fairly achievable, with Exotic armor simply requiring lots of Legendary Lost Sectors, and raid and dungeon Exotics putting you through the ever-enjoyable gauntlet.

Endgame challenge runs

The second step to plugging the content hole is to challenge yourself. After all, when there’s no new dungeon or raid to playthrough, you’ve got to make your own challenges. If you’re yet to tackle the eight raids and eight dungeons currently available, then we recommend you start with this. However, for those veterans who have already bested these tricky activities, I’ve brainstormed various ways to challenge yourself.

The most obvious is to solo all of the dungeons and raid with a smaller party. Completing these activities with fewer people naturally involves having to juggle significantly more plates at once, putting your skills and build to the test. That’s not all though, as you can also impose the most absurd rules on yourself and your crew, such as only using a certain weapon type, playing your non-main class, or using the most diabolical builds you can dream up.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish content draught: A Titan running away from a Taken Ogre in the Warlord's Ruin dungeon.

Turning Destiny into a Soulslike

Building on this, why not make Destiny 2 one of the best Soulslike games? ‘What on Earth is he on about?’, I hear you ask. Well, if you’re a fan of the Soulslike genre then you’ve no doubt seen players complete various Soulslikes without dying, with some even playing through all of FromSoftware’s games back-to-back without dying. In Destiny terms, this means beating all the dungeons or raids without dying, with bonus points earned for back-to-back completions. With how much practice this will take, this alone could see you through the content drought, though we can’t guarantee you’ll still be sane afterwards.

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Become (hopefully) a PvP master

Though I’ve long been a fan of Destiny’s PvP modes, PvE is undeniably the most popular part of the game. So, for those yet to truly sink their teeth into the competitive Crucible modes and Trials of Osiris, now is your time. After all, it’s not like there will be much new PvE content to enjoy until Wishes – “weekly progression-based challenges” – in February, Guardian Games in March, and whatever Into the Light turns out to be in April.

With seven ranks to climb from Copper to Ascendant, with three sub-divisions in each, Competitive offers an engaging ladder to progress through, while Trials’ weekly challenge sets you the ultimate goal of going Flawless to be showered with loot. Not only will you be holding back the ever-declining PvP player counts, but you’ll be preparing for Bungie’s Marathon when it eventually rolls around. That’s a win-win in my books.

Dress to impress

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll know being the best-dressed Guardian is the most important title of all. Sure, becoming a PvP master and slaying gods is great fun and all, but creating unique new styles to flex on others is the true Destiny 2 endgame. With endgame activities like raids, dungeons, and Trials having unique armor sets, now’s the perfect time to collect all the fashion items you need to create a brave new look worthy of featuring in Threads of Light. Who knows, maybe the Witness will be so enamored by your fresh look that it’ll realize there’s more to life than chasing revenge across the universe for millennia.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish content drought: A Spartan firing at a player with the assault rifle in Halo Infinite.

Take a break

Last but not least, it’s the perfect time to simply take a break. I know, nothing else is quite like Destiny but 2023 was stacked with exceptional games to play and, don’t like, your backlog is undoubtedly massive. From the absurdly intricate RPG thrills of Baldur’s Gate 3 to 343 finally hitting the mark with Halo Infinite – the Xbox exclusive I’m most excited about in 2024 – I’m diving into games I’d pushed to the side. Dive into some of the best games of all time before The Final Shape and the new Destiny 2 Episodes structure inevitably ropes us all back in. Better yet, you’ll be refreshed and eager to jump right back in.

If you’re a Game Pass or PS Plus subscriber, then you’ll have a lot more games to choose from than you might think. For example, Xbox Game Pass added 150 games worth $5,000 in 2023, while PS Plus added 251 games worth up to $8,000 in 2023. It’s safe to say that you’re not without something to play just because Destiny is having a power nap.