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Star Wars Outlaws leak gives new hope for May 4th release date

A new report offers up a May release window for Star Wars Outlaws on PS5 and Xbox, but its most important date for fans might not work out.

Star Wars Outlaws release window leak: Kay wearing a blue jacket alongside Nix

We could be edging closer towards a concrete Star Wars Outlaws release date on PS5 and Xbox. According to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, Ubisoft is currently “aiming for May,” and everyone from Dagobah to Dantooine knows what that means – May the 4th be with us.

While it may seem a bit cheesy for developer Ubisoft Massive to drop Star Wars Outlaws on the biggest date in the Star Wars fandom’s calendar, it won’t be the first time one of the best Star Wars games has arrived on or around that fateful date. For example, Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith arrived on Thursday, May 5, 2005, and that game was peak. It was also developed by Ubi, so make of that what you will.

There is one problem, though. May 4, 2024 is a Saturday, and the industry hates weekend launches. So where does this leave Outlaws? Well, judging from Ubi’s release cadence for its most recent AAA games there’s a clear Thursday bias – May 2 doesn’t sound too bad. There’s wiggle room, too, seeing as Skull and Bones is (finally) going to drop on a Friday. Either way, there’s every chance we’ll get to join Kay and Nix in time for Star Wars Day.

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Of course, this is an ideal scenario. In Henderson’s tweet he says that he “wouldn’t be at all surprised if there is a delay” – his original report gives a much broader January to June window, so let’s not get too excited. However, if Ubi wants to make a grand reintroduction with its first venture into the Star Wars IP in nearly two decades, then we can’t imagine a more appropriate time than the first week of May.

The first open-world Star Wars game, we can’t wait to see if Outlaws can take up a space in our best open world games list when it hits the shelves. Though unconfirmed, we’re also expecting it to arrive on Ubi’s premium subscription service – which continues to be a bit of a problem for PlayStation players.

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