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Halo Infinite abandons new seasons as Xbox dev works on “new projects”

Halo Infinite Season 5 will be the game's swan song for major updates, but it isn't all bad the Xbox FPS, as 343 Industries has other plans.

Halo Infinite Season 5: an image of the halo infinite January update 2024

It has been a tricky path to redemption, but Halo Infinite is currently an immensely enjoyable experience for Xbox players. Numerous updates have crafted a superb multiplayer environment, giving players hope for a long and prosperous future. However, developer 343 Industries is looking to put Master Chief on the sidelines following the arrival of Halo Infinite Season 5.

The surprise revelation comes from the January update presentation from 343 Industries, which details the roadmap for Halo Infinite in 2024. Season 5 of the Xbox exclusive shooter will debut on January 30, 2024, and will mark the last of major seasonal updates going forward. Instead, the studio is shifting its gaze toward smaller events known as ‘Operations’.

Unlike seasonal content drops, Operations will only run between four to six weeks at a time, with condensed battle passes accompanying them. These battle passes will contain 20 tiers of fresh rewards to earn. Typically, Halo Infinite battle passes contain a minimum of 100 tiers, similar to other multiplayer games like Fortnite or breakout shooter The Finals. Leaving sizeable updates behind might sound disappointing, but Season 5 at least contains some of the slickest additions to the game yet.

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Specifically, you’ll be able to explore a wealth of spruced-up content, including a new arena map, a free Mark IV Spartan core, and additional Covenant items to use in Forge mode. Furthermore, one of the better features changes customization in a small but awesome way. You’ll be able to swap out shoulder pieces as you wish now, combining them with any armor in the game. It works in the same fashion as helmets, and we’re looking forward to seeing what combinations players craft.

Beyond Season 5, 343 Industries is reallocating its resources to focus on what sounds like a new Xbox game that is currently in early development. Community director Brian Jarrad explains that the studio has “a dedicated team working on supporting Halo Infinite and continuing to deliver coming forward, but also, we have additional teams now that are accelerating towards the future working on brand new projects.”

Halo Infinite Season 5 customization

Jarrad doesn’t disclose what this new project is, but given that Halo Infinite was released three years ago, work on another iteration could be underway. If that is the case, The Loadout’s Rory Norris believes that a return to ODST is where the franchise needs to go next. Though, the return of this long-lost mode would be a great consolation prize.