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New Apex Legends Twitch Drops aren’t to be missed on PS5 and Xbox

Don't skip over these new Apex Legends Twitch Drops for January 2024, giving you exclusive rewards within the PS5 and Xbox battle royale.

Apex Legends Twitch Drops 2024

With the launch of the new Apex Legends crossover with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, developer Respawn Entertainment is also refreshing its Apex Legends Twitch Drops. That means freebies, and that’s never a bad thing. If you’re a fan of legends like Wraith, then this upcoming batch of goodies is definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Apart from the sleek cosmetics shown in The Finals, Apex Legends easily wins one over on rival games like Call of Duty Warzone. Sure, it might be regarded as one of the best battle royale games on Xbox and PS5, but sometimes the style is really lacking for its cast of operators. Well, while clothing isn’t on the cards in the latest Apex Legends Twitch Drops, there’s still some exciting stickers to get your hands on. According to Respawn, you’ll need to tune into Apex Legends streams between January 12 and January 30, 2024.

You’ll know which streams of Apex Legends are the right ones to watch, as Twitch creators will notify you with the ‘Drops Enabled’ tag on their videos. Of course, you won’t be able to claim these new stickers right away, as you’ll have to watch for specific periods of time. Oddly, these stickers aren’t themed in regard to the recent Apex Legends Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth crossover event. Though that event boasts 36 earnable rewards of its own, we are still surprised to see Respawn isn’t extending the same treatment to Twitch Drops.

  • Eyes On You sticker – 1 hour total watch time
  • Someone’s Watching sticker – 2 hours total watch time
  • Hello Darling sticker – 3 hours total watch time
  • Keep The Spark sticker – 4 hours total watch time

Apex Legends Twitch Drops January 2024

It would have been great to get some Cloud Strife inspired stickers amid this bunch, but hey, we’re all fans of Wraith, so this will do for now. As for the actual crossover event, which concludes at the end of the month, you really don’t want to overlook it if you’re anticipating the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth release date. The next installment of FF franchise remakes, the hype is exceptionally high as Square Enix promises it will have at least 100 hours of content to wade through.

The Apex Legends crossover event ends just before the latest FF entry arrives, but before then, you can unlock Apex Legends’ own spin on the iconic Buster Sword – and it looks brilliant.

YouTube Thumbnail

Apex Legends doesn’t let you wield a gigantic sword like this everyday, so if you want to absolutely decimate your rivals with this amazing weapon, be sure to hop into a match from Tuesday, January 9, 2024.