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New PS5 RPG Exodus brings choices that will effect you for “centuries”

Upcoming PS5 and Xbox RPG Exodus will take players through time in an epic sci-fi story and your choices could have massive ripple effects.

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We didn’t have True Detective star and all-around acting legend Matthew McConaughey joining a sci-fi RPG, but Exodus will be the actor’s first videogame project. Aside from attracting A-list talent in the vocal booth, developer Archetype Entertainment is aiming to bring blockbuster-level storytelling to the forthcoming PS5 and Xbox game. Your choices will be important, as they could have massive consequences across the fabric of time itself.

Exodus might just join the ranks of the best RPG games for PS5 and Xbox, if it can deliver on its ambitious concept. Jetting around the universe as a Traveler, Exodus employs the idea of the butterfly effect, and how the smallest actions can reverberate across time in unexpected ways. “Time dilation and how it impacts the choices you make in the game is the core of the game,” says executive creative director James Olhen.

Furthermore, Olhen expresses that “you’re going to be able to make momentous decisions and you’re going to be able to see the results of those decisions over the course of years, decades, and even centuries.” So, no pressure to make the right call in-game. It makes sense to include McConaughey in Exodus, as you may have already put together that he starred in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar – a sci-fi movie with equally epic depictions of time.

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In Interstellar, Earth is troubled by an immense blight on crops the world over. In an attempt to find humankind a new home, McConaughey’s Joseph Cooper embarks reluctantly to aid an expedition, before landing on a planet where hours can translate into years of passed time. While we’re glad to see McConaughey transitioning into videogame voice acting, we hope that Exodus isn’t too derivative when it comes to Interstellar’s influence on the project.

According to details about the game on its official website, Archetype Entertainment describes its time-based mechanics, and it does feel very, well, Interstellar-like: “Traveling on interstellar missions at the edge of lightspeed, days for you are decades for friends and loved ones back home. Entire lifetimes may pass in your absence.” However, Exodus will see players combatting the Celestials (no, not the ones from Marvel’s The Eternals). “Steal alien weapons and technology from the most powerful enemy in this universe,” the developer explains.

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Exodus is one to keep on your list of new PS5 games and new Xbox games, especially as Archetype Entertainment consists of ex-Mass Effect talent. For now, an exact release date is under wraps, but you can check out how much value you can get from PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass right now.