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This Xbox exclusive may go multiplatform, and it isn’t Starfield

New rumors claim that hit Xbox exclusive Hi-Fi Rush could be headed to another platform, following the game's widespread acclaim.

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Whether you’re Team Blue or Team Green, there’s no denying that Xbox owners have access to pretty some awesome Xbox exclusives. Last year saw the release of bigger hitters like Starfield and Forza Motorsport, but it was Hi-Fi Rush that took players by surprise. Tango Gameworks’ vibrant rhythm/action hybrid is sublime, and now it could be leaping from the trappings of Microsoft’s flagship console.

According to YouTuber and Xbox reporter ‘NateTheHate’ and ResetEra user ‘lolilolailo’, Tango Gameworks is reportedly working on bringing its 2023 hit to Nintendo Switch players, rather than appearing on the new PS5 games roster. Though the YouTuber doesn’t outright name the title with “high critical acclaim” in his latest upload, he does clarify that “in the calendar year of 2024, Microsoft will bring one of its more acclaimed first-party releases to a competitor system.”

However, the focus specifically on Hi-Fi Rush, as opposed to other Xbox exclusives, is bolstered by lolilolailo specifically. Responding to a fellow ResetEra user’s comment, the reputable leaker says “you’ll win” if you bet on the Tango Gameworks title appearing on Nintendo Switch. Loliolailo track record has seen correct predictions materialize consistently, with claims regarding the Persona franchise coming to fruition.

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Hi-Fi Rush seems like a perfect fit for the Switch, with its frenetic gameplay and aesthetic ripe for taking out on the go. Though, if we’re going to see more developments in the Hi-Fi Rush franchise, we’d love a sequel down the line.

Though it has received some DLC post-launch, word of a sequel has yet to materialize. It did get 5 nominations at The Game Awards last year, and won for Best Audio Design – and it was well deserved. Not only does the game have a wicked soundtrack, but the game’s battles were taken to another realm through Tango Gameworks’ impeccable audio team.

Or, Tango Gameworks can finally make our dreams come true and deliver The Evil Within 3. After all, there was a nod to one of the best horror game series out there in Hi-Fi Rush. Whether you’re after new Xbox games or a selection from the best Xbox Game Pass games around, Hi-Fi Rush could be just what you’re looking for.

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The Loadout Hi-Fi Rush review relishes “the attention to detail, the incredibly fluid, yet challenging combat, and a stunning cast of personalities.”