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Move over Baldur’s Gate 3, Halo Infinite is the new Xbox RPG in town

This creative Forger has given Xbox shooter Halo Infinite a new twist with this unique turn-based RPG mode that you don't want to miss.

Halo Infinite RPG Forge mode: A Spartan wearing green armor and holding a rifle at the ready, with a DND dice and Xbox logo next to them, set against a blurred background of The Halo RPG artwork.

One of the most seminal features of the Halo franchise has been its Forge mode, arguably the precursor to Fortnite Creative, the Overwatch Workshop, GTA Online custom modes, and more. Ever since Halo 3, we’ve seen the feature be expanded upon with new features and ever more creative players putting the tools to use to create mesmerizing maps and mad mini-games. However, one crafty Halo Infinite player has created ‘The Halo RPG’ inside Xbox’s landmark FPS, and you don’t want to miss it.

Halo Infinite has had a rocky past, tasked with kicking off the next generation of Xbox with a bang, yet falling short. However, thanks to several major updates adding new content, overhauling features, and finally adding the incredible and iconic Halo Forge and Firefight modes in post-launch updates, Infinite is one of the best Xbox games out there, and certainly one of the best FPS games. Thanks to an army of creative players leading the charge on Halo Infinite Forge content, it’s almost like there are hordes of new Xbox games within Infinite alone – one of the main reasons why Halo Infinite is the Xbox exclusive we’re most looking forward to in 2024.

Halo Forger and YouTuber ‘Red Nomster’, previously featured in the official Halo Waypoint Community Corner, has already created several great Forge modes in the past. From recreating Andy’s bedroom from Toy Story with stunning accuracy to even making a full Lego and Minecraft-inspired map, their creativity and mastery of Halo Infinite’s Forge tools know no bounds. Well, they’ve now outdone themselves by creating ‘The Halo RPG’, a turn-based tabletop roleplaying experience within Infinite.

The Halo RPG uses the sandbox tools of Infinite’s Forge mode (including the new AI character tools) to repurpose models and environments already in the game to create something brand-new. Halo is well-known for its silky-smooth FPS action, though it’s now time to take on the best RPG games and greats like Baldur’s Gate 3. Putting you in control of UNSC forces from a first-person or top-down perspective, you can command your troops to rescue them from Banished imprisonment and ultimately guide them to the nearby Pelican for evac or take out the enemy threat.

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Even better, however, is that RedNomster has even made The Halo RPG available for up to eight players. Each player has two moves or attacks per turn, so make each one count before passing control onto the next player, which is also controlled by an “automated and balanced turn-order system”.

“I built The Halo RPG to push the boundary of Forge where art & scripting collide”, RedNomster explains, now that the “culmination of 500+ hours of passion” is now out in the wild for others to enjoy. With 1,400 scripting nodes used to fundamentally morph Halo Infinite from an FPS to a CRPG, including special features like toggling AI pathfinding and immersive sound effects on the fly, it’s safe to say that RedNomster has achieved it, even being recognized by the Xbox UK Twitter account.

So, hop into the Halo Infinite Forge and search ‘The Halo RPG’ to find the map and game type for yourself – it’ll be great preparation for the Halo miniature game on the way too. In other excellent news, you’ll soon also be able to enjoy the best PS5 MMO on Xbox as well. If you’re hungry for some mouth-watering stats, then it’s also worth checking out how Xbox Game Pass added 150 games worth $5,000 in 2023 and how PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass stacked up last year.