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The Suicide Squad game just got a really weird new PS5 trailer

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League has a new PS5 trailer that bizarrely singles out Sony’s flagship console as the go-to DC Comics platform.

suicide squad ps5 immersion trailer

There’s nothing quite like a cheesy trailer to hype you up for the latest PS5 games, and if there’s one thing the new Suicide Squad game trailer has, it is definitely cheese. However, we’re not quite sure why this recent Kill the Justice League trailer is obsessed with the PS5’s DualSense controller features. The console is in its fourth year of existence, but this fresh trailer feels straight out of 2020.

We’re in the final stretch as the long-awaited Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League release date approaches, and Rocksteady Studios is banking on the PS5’s DualSense controller to enhance the chaos. In a newly released trailer, albeit a brief one, the developer highlights how the PS5 accessory factors into each facet of gameplay, like the adaptive triggers replicating the weight of Captain Boomerang’s signature weapon. Yet, you won’t find an Xbox equivalent of this trailer focusing on Microsoft’s HD rumble feature. 

It oddly feels like some kind of ‘day one’ launch trailer for the PS5 console itself, attempting to accentuate key features of the platform, rather than looking at the merit of actual Suicide Squad gameplay. But hey, maybe the implementation of haptic feedback really is worth writing home about? The jury is still out on that one until the game arrives, but it has some mighty competition if it really wants to make the most out of the DualSense controller. 

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On the front of haptic feedback, you can’t really get much better than Housemarque and its terrific PS5 exclusive Returnal. The Finnish developer struck gold with Returnal’s usage of the PS5 controller, making each footstep through the rain feel tangible. It manages to draw the line between going over-the-top and subtlety, enhancing the game’s gloomy atmosphere greatly. On the adaptive trigger front, you might be surprised to learn that Hitman 3 hits it out of the park here. Each squeeze of the trigger feels heavy, and hopefully playing as Deadshot can bring that same sense of impact.

There’s no doubt that the DualSense’s haptics and adaptive triggers are a cool addition to any PS5 game, when properly implemented. But it is rather odd to see an upcoming title getting a trailer dedicated to these features, given that the vast majority of console gamers out there know about the capabilities of the DualSense by now, and that there are more important things that we’re still yet to officially know about Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League.

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With just under a month left until this new PS5 game is available, we wonder whether any more PlayStation aligned snippets are in the works. Post-launch DLC for the game confirms that a range of free playable characters will be coming, but at present, there isn’t any mention of any PlayStation exclusivity when it comes to content, akin to Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers. However, the wall crawler never did make it over to the Xbox version of the game.