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Fortnite OG to return in new separate mode, leaker claims

Fortnite OG was a massive success for Epic Games, and the acclaimed battle royale mode could return with a vital tweak on PS5 and Xbox.

Fortnite OG: An image of Solid Snake and Jonesy in Fortnite.

Keeping Fortnite fresh isn’t an easy task, but Fortnite OG defied the odds last year, injecting new life into the ever-popular battle royale mode. Fortnite OG resurrected bygone eras of the game’s past, taking PS5 and Xbox owners down memory lane in a classic iteration of the map filled with classic weapons and more. After its rip-roaring success, Epic Games is allegedly considering another iteration, and it may be available permanently.

Fortnite is arguably the best royale game on PS5 and Xbox right now, as it continues to offer up an amazing wealth of content, such asthe new Metal Gear Solid collaboration. Now, even more treats are on the horizon, as leaker ‘HYPEX’ claims that the tentatively titled “Fortnite OG Part 2 is being worked on as a separate mode.” Although an exact timeline of its return is unknown, HYPEX corroborates this with fellow leakers ‘Egyptian_Leaker’ and ‘SpushFNBR’.

Specifically, the pair speculates that the Chapter 1 map is due to appear again, as recent data mining of the game’s files reveals that it has a new Tag dubbed “Athena.Playlist.Rufus.”

Fortnite OG PS5 Xbox: An image of HYPEX and Egyptian Leaker on X.

Athena is the codename of the Chapter 1 map, which originally debuted in the game back in September 2017. The map has changed appearance and shifted its landmass multiple times over the years, as fresh additions to Fortnite’s wild lore take players on a trip through the space-time continuum. It’s also known for ushering in iconic landmarks that would appear in future iterations of the map, such as Retail Row, Risky Reels, Pleasant Park, and Salty Springs. Athena also holds a special milestone, as it’s the only map from Fortnite’s past to be brought back in a new season.

With Epic Games still purportedly working on the map, we think that a dedicated Fortnite OG playlist is on the cards. Given the success of Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and Lego Fortnite as their own respective modes, it seems like a no-brainer to keep populating the game with a myriad of well received experiences. Fortnite OG attained record-breaking numbers for the game, taking its concurrent player numbers to an all-time high.

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