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XDefiant tackles final hurdles for launch on Xbox and PS5

Ubisoft is putting the final touches on XDefiant, the delayed but promising PS5 and Xbox FPS that merges Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, and more together.

XDefiant update ps5 xbox

With Modern Warfare 3 and The Finals both out in the wild, the runway is clear for XDefiant. The Ubisoft shooter is already poised to be a sturdy PS5 and Xbox hit, following a series of well received beta sessions last year. However, the road to shipping this new FPS out the door hasn’t been easy, but it seems that XDefiant is ready to clear its last remaining obstacles, according to a recent update from executive producer Mark Rubin. 

A new XDefiant release date still remains elusive since its disappointing delay last year, but we could now be advancing closer to a definitive launch window. In a new XDefiant update from Rubin, he clarifies that “we will have some more specific news in the next couple of weeks as we get ready for launch. But the quick update on our progress is [that] we have addressed the weird issues that were affecting Netcode.”

Often attributed to bad lag or issues with inputs, solid Netcode is vital for ensuring your connection to the game’s servers is as smooth as possible. Rubin notes that this will be improved upon before and after launch, but crucially, the game’s party systems are getting an overhaul too.

An image of Ubisoft executive producer Mark Rubin giving an update on XDefiant for PS5 and Xbox

“We’ve implemented the new Party System and are now just putting it through rigorous testing and bug fixing as we get ready for launch,” Rubin expresses. Furthermore, concerns around cheating when the game launches are also on Rubin’s agenda. Following an interaction with ‘HacksGrandpa’ on social media, Rubin jokes that “No cheating will be tolerated by anyone for any reason…except for me when grinding skins.”

XDefiant, if you weren’t aware, is a major moment for Ubisoft. That’s because it brings together multiple Ubisoft franchises into an Overwatch-meets-Call-of-Duty FPS experience. Each XDefiant faction offers up Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, The Division, and Watch Dogs-orientated operators to play as, each with unique abilities. We found that the Splinter Cell aligned Echelon faction to be one of the best available, thanks to abilities that would make Sam Fisher proud. That Digital Ghillie Suit is sure to be a hit with players currently using the Vanishing Bombs or Cloaking Device in rival shooter The Finals.

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This ability-driven class system is then coupled with maps, modes, and gunplay that will feel familiar to Call of Duty players. There’s even a weapon attachment system to give more control over your loadout – although it’s nowhere near as expansive (and confusing) as the system you’ll find in recent CoD titles.

Previous delays to the game have stemmed around approvals to get the game up to scratch for dispatching across PS5 and Xbox storefronts, but now it seems we’re almost at the finish line. The effort to get XDefiant out the door is recognized by Rubin, who explains additionally that “much of our team is working on future content, but many of those that are working on getting the game ready to ship did put in some hours over the holidays and I want to recognize their dedication.”

As for that aforementioned future content, you need to check out our interview with Rubin himself that we conducted in August last year, where he divulges exactly what XDefiant has in store down the line.