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If Expeditions isn’t on your PS5 and Xbox wishlist, it should be

What happens when an off-road driving sim meets a puzzler? You get Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game, and I think it’s going to be a triumph on PS5 and Xbox.

Expeditions PS5 Xbox anticipation: A 4x4 jeep placed on a grassy clifftop, set against a blurred, vertically split background of two gameplay sequences. An Xbox logo is on the left side and a PlayStation logo is on the right.

Have you ever wanted a driving puzzle game? Perhaps you’ve never even thought about how these tried and true genres would combine. Well, let me introduce you to Expeditions, my latest obsession. It might sound a bit niche, but I genuinely think this upcoming game from the creators of MudRunner and SnowRunner should be on every PS5 and Xbox player’s radar. Hear me out.

With your trusty winch in tow, the MudRunner series has long put your skills to the test as you overcome treacherous open-world environments to complete your objectives. If a uniquely high-stakes and mechanical driving experience that turns the very environment into a puzzle sounds intriguing, then Expeditions: A MudRunner Game needs to be on your PS5 and Xbox wishlist.

Expeditions maps: A 4v4 driving through a deep river in a desert envrionment.

Combining the thrills of off-road racing games with the complex, physics-based handling of a driving sim, Expeditions’ predecessors, MudRunner and SnowRunner, are wholly unique games that I was not expecting to get addicted to – but I did. After a promising Expeditions preview at Gamescom last year, it’s on course to up the ante on PlayStation and Xbox and become one of the best racing games and, oddly enough, even one of the best RPG games if you’re a car-PG fan. So, book Tuesday, March 5, 2024, off work because once you play Expeditions for yourself, you’ll be enamored.

Expeditions vehicles: A player driving a large truck through a river in first person.

After a long and tiring day, there’s something remarkably relaxing about getting into the driver’s seat in SnowRunner. Whether you’re behind the wheel of a small 4×4 scout vehicle or a hulking big rig, the series is known for its challenging handling. Mud, snow, rocks, and much more all work against you as you try to deliver cargo and explore the stunning open world.

I remember just starting out, back when my humble Chevrolet CK1500 had puny tires not cut out for the slick mud and steep inclines of a flooded Michigan. I had to be incredibly light on the gas and be extremely vigilant over my tire placement – one wrong move and I’d be stuck and would have to figure out some way to escape the mud. Each map and even every mission presents a unique challenge for you to solve, whether it’s one exceptionally tight and muddy corner or a steep, snow-capped hill. In many ways, both MudRunner and SnowRunner are puzzle games disguised as driving sims – very good ones, at that.

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Well, Saber Interactive’s next outing, Expeditions, takes this idea even further. With even more tools, including a reconnaissance drone, climbing anchors, and even an echo sounder to probe water depth, charting a path through a marsh or mountain has never sounded better.

If SnowRunner is anything to go by, Expeditions is sure to have a similarly great difficulty curve and progression system. With maps getting more treacherous as you go, you’ll naturally need better vehicles and equipment, encouraging you to explore the open world in search of upgrades. There’s nothing quite like preliminarily charting a safe course for your next haul in a scout vehicle before hopping into your big rig and putting your planning to the test. Whether it works out perfectly or fails miserably, you can’t get this driving experience anywhere else.

Expeditions gameplay: Two large trucks driving through a rocky archway in the distance.

While the PS5 exclusive Gran Turisomo 7 and the Xbox exclusive Forza Motorsport (2023) had me excited before release, Expeditions has me feverishly waiting to get behind the wheel and kick mud everywhere once again.

So, live the way of the winch and join the MudRunner and SnowRunner club before Expeditions releases. In fact, SnowRunner is currently on Xbox Game Pass and was available on PS Plus in the past, so it’s possible you already have it. If you somehow manage to get through the mountains of content between them, then you can always find something excellent to dive into on our best games list for console players.