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Persona 3 Reload DLC leak answers our biggest question

According to fresh leaks there’s plenty of Persona 3 Reload DLC content on the way for PS5 and Xbox players, including The Answer epilogue.

Persona 3 Reload DLC leaks: a blue haired boy in a green jacket wielding a sword

Persona 3 Reload developer Atlus is set to launch “multiple DLC” between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025, according to reputable insider ‘Midori’. Should the leak materialize, this will also finally herald the arrival of The Answer epilogue from Persona 3 FES, which is notably missing from the new PS5 and Xbox remake.

For the uninitiated, The Answer is an additional 30 hours of post-game content that follows Aigis. It’s a pretty hardcore experience, seeing as it has a set difficulty that’s on par with the base game’s hard mode. The gameplay revolves around dungeon crawling and beating up bosses, making it a must-play for those who love a challenge in the best games.

Unfortunately, it isn’t included in Persona 3 Reload’s base game. But considering that, as Midori notes, Sega is using the same business model as it did for Lost Judgment’s DLC, we’re not surprised. Perhaps more tragically, Kotone enjoyers are set to miss out yet again, as Midori states “there is no FeMC in any of the DLC – this includes cosmetics and music that will be added.” Ouch.

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Though it would’ve been a sizable effort to reintroduce Kotone from Persona 3 Portable, we can’t help but feel that, between her snubbing and the initial absence of The Answer, Persona 3 Reload isn’t the definitive experience we were hoping for out of the box.

That’s not to say we’ll never see Kotone return, however. The leaks only extend to the end of the next fiscal year, and we all know that if there’s a chance to extend the shelf life of a game through post-launch content, both Atlus and Sega will take it (New Game+ DLC, anyone?) How this would materialize remains to be seen, but a FeMC route arriving in the second half of 2025 certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

Despite its content foibles, Persona 3 Reload is already one of the year’s most successful releases – at least when it comes to reviews. A brilliantly made remake of one of the best RPG games, there’s still plenty of goodness to enjoy when it arrives on PS5, Xbox, and Game Pass on February 2.

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