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The Finals is working on an “overhaul” for Recon Senses right now

Start switching up your The Finals loadout now because Embark Studios knows this divisive gadget needs a major nerf on PS5 and Xbox.

The Finals Recon Senses nerf: An image of the Recon Senses Gadget in The Finals on PS5 and Xbox.

Countering your opponents is crucial in The Finals. Whether shooting down Guardian Turrets or keeping your eyes peeled for Cloaking Device users, you’ll need to be fully aware of your surroundings to survive. Recon Senses is an easy way to survey your enemies, allowing you to see your foes through walls briefly. However, Embark Studios reckons this fearsome gadget needs some fine-tuning across PS5 and Xbox platforms.

We’re fast approaching Season 2 of The Finals, and Embark Studios is doing all it can to refine one of the best FPS games currently available. We’ve had divisive tweaks to the Cloaking Device and Guardian Turret recently, and now, the Recon Sense gadget is next in line. The latest The Finals patch notes clarify that Embark Studios “recognize that the Recon Senses ability for the Medium build needs an overhaul and we’re working on that right now.”

Furthermore, the hotfix for Recon Senses is coming to the game soon, as the patch notes state that players “can look forward to that change and more in next week’s update.” Recon Sense has developed a reputation for essentially giving players ‘Wall Hacks’, as it highlights the outlines of enemies through obstacles and at a considerable distance across the arena.

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There’s a great tactical advantage in this, as you can track the exact movements of opposing teams as they attempt to steal your Cash Out. The Finals does make an effort to differentiate its iteration of it, by obscuring the outline of enemy players so you can’t track their movements on a second-to-second basis.

Although, it still doesn’t fully negate any issues that players may have with it. We’re eager to see how Embark Studios changes the gadget, as it remains a popular pick in The Finals classes for Medium players. We think this is a prime opportunity to switch your loadout, though. After doing some research, The Finals trophies reveal that a lot of you need to be better healers. You aren’t going to extract all that cash if your team is falling like flies, are you?

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The mention of Recon Senses mentions that Embark Studios bringing “more” alongside the tweak in the game’s next update too. With the recent debut of Solo Bank-It, these The Finals leaks may come to fruition soon.