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Fall Guys set to stay despite the arrival of this huge Fortnite update

Fall Guys won't be getting shut down just yet, as Epic Games comments bringing the hit game show concept over to battle royale Fortnite.

Fall Guys update Fortnite: An image of Fall Guys and Jonesy in Fortnite.

Fall Guys‘ unique brand of trial and error has kept Mediatonic’s hit multiplayer game in the hearts of PS5 and Xbox players since 2020, but a new chapter is beginning.  Now, players will be able to make their own Fall Guys courses in Epic Games’ ever-popular battle royale Fortnite – but the original game isn’t going anywhere.

Revealed during the recent State of Unreal presentation, Epic Games details that from May 2024, Fortnite players can use the multiplayer game‘s creation tools to craft custom courses. You’ll be able to invite your friends into your zany Fall Guys creations to compete, as well as share them with the public. Speaking to Eurogamer afterward, vice president Saxs Persson explains that “if we started Fall Guys’ development over today, we’d do it inside Fortnite.”

Fortnite has become more than one of the best battle royale game experiences, with the addition of Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival, and LEGO Fortnite cultivating entirely new audiences – with record-breaking player counts. Despite Fortnite’s incredible success, the original Fall Guys experience won’t be going anywhere, at least not yet.

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“We are where we are, we don’t have anything to announce right now,” says Persson. However, it does seem like Fortnite’s transition into a multi-game hub is a priority for Epic Games right now. The studio views its newer additions like LEGO Fortnite as entirely new PS5 games and new Xbox games, rather than just playlists.

Persson elaborates on this further, expressing that “we truly believe the magic of Fortnite is having fun in a game with your friends, so the more players there are, the more content there is, the more fun you have. So by that simple measure, it benefits us to have everything in one place.” It wouldn’t be surprising to see Fall Guys eventually brought into the fold in the future, but we’re also curious to see what Epic Games is planning for its current fresh Fortnite spin-off games.

Fortnite Festival stands out in particular, thanks to its resurrection of a bygone era where Rock Band and Guitar Hero dominated our living rooms. We’d like to see more of a focus on less pop-orientated music, though, given that a Fortnite Festival guitar controller will be shipping soon. And there’s one major band that needs to take to the virtual stage.

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