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Put your Air Jordans on now, NBA 2K24 is coming to Xbox Game Pass

If you’ve been hoping to play NBA 2K24 on Xbox Game Pass, you’re in luck as 2K Games is bringing the popular basketball game home soon.

NBA 2K24 Xbox Game Pass: An image of Bryant in NBA 2K24 on Xbox Game Pass.

The great thing about Xbox Game Pass is the sheer amount of fresh titles it has, often leaving us spoiled for choice – especially for new sports games. If you’ve had enough of sports titles like FC 24, you can switch it up soon, courtesy of publisher 2K Games. So, dust off those red Air Jordans or Panda Dunks and get ready for NBA 2K24’s arrival on Game Pass.

In a recent social media post from Xbox, the gaming giant encourages players to get warmed up: “[We] hope you’ve been practising those layups. NBA 2K24 is coming [Monday] March 11.” Yes, out of nowhere, one of the best sports games around will soon be on Microsoft’s subscription service.

We don’t say that lightly, either, as we were pretty fond of NBA 2K24 in The Loadout’s review. Easily set to be one of the best Xbox Game Pass games available, our review notes “after hours and hours of playing and loving NBA 2K24 on Xbox Series X, it feels like the best basketball game in years is just a side dish to a greedy main course of microtransactions.”

NBA 2K24 Xbox Game Pass: an image of the NBA 2K24 Xbox Game Pass announcement.

If you can overlook that aspect of NBA 2K24, then you’ll likely find yourself having a blast, whether you’re playing solo or with friends. Because that’s another wicked thing about Game Pass, your buddies can also join in on the fun without parting ways with a huge chunk of cash. But what about your friends across the platform pond on PS5? Worry not, as NBA 2K24 crossplay has you covered. Whether you’re an NBA 2K franchise expert, or a newcomer, there are some things you’ll need to become familiar with.

The NBA 2K24 servers were pretty rough upon launch, but our trusty guide means you can check their status at any time. With any multiplayer game out there like NBA 2K24, getting free stuff goes a long way on your journey to stardom. That’s where NBA 2K24 locker codes come into play, and we recommend keeping updated with them to claim new freebies. Alongside your free-of-charge items, it is worth checking out all the NBA 2K24 ratings, which include all the best players currently in the game.

Like you, we’re looking forward to giving NBA 2K24 a spin through Xbox Game Pass, and it’ll make the wait for a new Xbox game in the franchise just a little easier.

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