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Suicide Squad Season 1 sets the Joker up to be a must-pick character

Kill the Justice League Season 1 will unleash the Joker’s range of fiery talents on Metropolis, along with some fearful new weapons.

Kill the Justice League Season 1 the Joker talent tree: An image of the Joker in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Season 1.

After weeks of minimal marketing for the Joker’s arrival in Kill the Justice League, Rocksteady is letting players get a major glimpse at the Crown Prince of Gotham’s arrival. Suicide Squad Season 1 introduces a selection of fresh villain-themed weaponry too, this time focusing on the harbinger of scares: Scarecrow.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve given up on Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League – after all, the push for Season 1 hasn’t exactly left Xbox and PS5 players inspired. But if you’re still chipping away at increasing your Finite Crisis level in the divisive co-op game, then the good news is that the wait for the Joker may have been worth it. According to Rocksteady’s latest Suicide Squad patch notes, the Joker arrives with three unique playstyles: Jester, Firestarter, and Ringmaster.

Jester is all about “getting up close and personal” with Brainiac’s forces, laying waste to them with potent melee buffs. Firestarter is where the Joker’s affinity for flames comes into play. If you pair this with the Diablo Blaze affliction on your gear, players will be able to utilize Joker-specific buffs that will decimate enemies with ease. Ringmaster sounds like it’ll be the most fun, though.

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If you haven’t seen already, the Joker’s traversal method is an umbrella (of course) that can be used to glide, grind, and descend on foes while reigning absolute hell on them. Our first look at this was in January’s Suicide Squad Insider entry, and we saw the Joker ride around in Rocksteady’s open world game like a demented Tony Hawk.

You’ll be able to extend the Joker’s potential while airborne thanks to the Ringmaster talent tree, if you prefer to let your friends deal damage on the ground in the meantime. As we’ve seen with Season 0 of Kill the Justice League, Bane-themed Infamy gear has been the focus of completing Incursion missions.

Season 1 introduces Scarecrow Infamy gear to acquire, which will grant the buffs of “fear” and “horror”. Elsewhere, Legendary and Notorious weapons will see additions focused on DC Comics villains Doctor Poison, Meryln, Mad Hatter, Polka-Dot Man, and Reverse Flash.

Kill the Justice League Season 1 the Joker: An image of The Joker's Wayntech suit in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

The latter sounds especially awesome given that Reverse Flash has briefly featured as a Suicide Squad member in the past, and we’d love to see a playable villain with proper superpowers among the roster. Season 1’s slate of fresh weapons will come from Intergang, who you might recognize from Black Adam lore, as well as graffiti art found within the multiplayer game’s map. However, what we’re especially happy to see is the inclusion of over 170 fixes, many of them geared towards improving Suicide Squad’s quality-of-life.

It’s been a buggy road to Season 1, whether it is the infuriating ‘Loading Metropolis’ issue or just brutal crashes. Now, it looks like that is hopefully all about to be put to rest for the Joker’s grand debut.

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