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This tease for The Finals Season 2 is pure synthwave goodness

The Finals Season 2 is fast approaching, and Embark Studios is teasing the new PS5 and Xbox update with some tasty electropop jams.

The Finals Season 2 update: An image of The Finals 2 Season 2 CNS hacked soundtrack.

We’re approaching the end of the current season of The Finals, and it’s been electrifying learning the ins and outs of Embark Studios’ fast-paced FPS. However, you may have noticed some strange messages in-game recently, which consistently reference an elusive group known as CNS. As we draw closer to unraveling the mystery in The Finals Season 2, a ‘hacked’ version of the game’s excellent soundtrack has emerged.

The Finals is graced by some true earworm tracks, as The Finals soundtrack is made in collaboration with Swedish artist Sailor & I. We’ve been hoping that this artistic relationship would continue, and now, you can check out two tracks that take on a far different vibe than before. The tracks first appeared on Reddit, courtesy of Embark itself.

Titled Floating Bits and MegaUltraHeavy_DeleteThiz, these synthwave bangers delve into 8-bit style territory, reminding us of simpler times playing some of the best games around on the Sega Mega Drive. However, the vibes are more upbeat on the second track, and it has us itching to play the acclaimed FPS game right now.

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But what exactly does it all mean? Well, at the time of writing, The Finals social media is overrun with glitchy graphics and bizarre messages. For weeks, the game has been suggesting it could leap beyond the walls of The Finals maps like Skyway Stadium, and we reckon that could come to fruition in Season 2. We’re yet to see missing features from the game’s initial marketing arrive too, as well as some shocking match modifiers.

In-game audio snippets and post-match videos suggest that the game show itself could be attacked by hackers, as part of a bigger sabotage campaign targeting The Finals’ in-universe sponsors. Characters like announcers and Scotty and June appear to be rattled by the arrival of CNS, but for now, contestants are distracted by The Finals’ Smoking Guns event.

Furthermore, the anticipation is growing following a brand-new YouTube countdown set to finish at 4:00 PM GMT, 9:00 AM PT, and 12:00 PM ET. If Embark can triumph over the thrills of Season 1, then we reckon The Finals will continue to be one of the best multiplayer games on Xbox and PS5 for many months to come.

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