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The Finals’ Smoking Guns event gives you a taste of the Old West

Strap on your spurs and mosey into the Wild West with the new The Finals Smoking Guns event available right now in update 1.10 on PS5 and Xbox.

The Finals Smoking Guns event: A diagonally split image with a cowboy on the left wearing a black outfit, backed by a deep red light, and a close-up of a cowgirl on the right.

From the gaudy streets of Las Vegas 2032 to the towering skyscrapers of Seoul 2023, The Finals is undeniably oozing with style and jampacked full of fun and often futuristic customization options. Well, the new The Finals Smoking Guns event brings in a taste of the Old West with wild free cowboy skins, a Monaco makeover, and even a fresh new mode on PS5 and Xbox.

The Finals Season 1 has gone down a treat for those looking for one of the best FPS games with a destructive twist on PS5 and Xbox – and it’s not over yet. Available now with update 1.10 until Thursday, March 7, 2024, the Smoking Gun event puts a Western spin on the typically futuristic gameshow vibes. This adds the Old West Monaco map variant, the free High Noon Noir outfit, and even the return of the Single Round Tournament mode. While The Finals Season 2 could break from its gameshow shackles even more, this unique Wild West spin sure shakes things up.

In Single Round Tournament, a fan favorite from the early beta days, four teams enter the arena to compete against each other in a single round. Paired with the brand-new Monaco theme and the limited cowboy-themed loadouts – complete with revolvers and lever-action rifles – get ready for a dust-up if you’re throwing your hat in the ring. And you’ll certainly want to give it a go.

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During the Smoking Gun event, cash in contracts to earn the exclusive High Noon Noir outfit and other items for free. These are:

  • Emote: Earn $75,000 cash in Smoking Guns
  • Hat: Deal 10,000 damage to opponents in Smoking Guns
  • Shirt: Revive 15 teammates in Smoking Guns
  • Gloves: Play 3 rounds of Smoking Guns with a Light Build
  • Pants: Play 3 rounds of Smoking Guns with a Medium Build
  • Shoes: Play 3 rounds of Smoking Guns with a Heavy Build

Thankfully, these won’t take too much grinding and the new map makeover and limited loadouts should spice things up from the action we’ve come to know and love.

The Finals Smoking Gun event: A masculine character in a cowboy outfit displaying the rewards for the Smoking Gun event.

Outside of the Smoking Guns event, update 1.10 also brings with it numerous gameplay fixes, UI improvements, and performance changes. Highlights include being able to equip items directly from the store and equipment menus to save time, a more detailed offscreen indicator for squad members, and a reduced time to cancel emotes if you get caught off guard.

The full The Finals patch notes for update 1.10 are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue with the play again button where it was unavailable at unintended times.
  • Lowered the time for when you can cancel an emote to 1.5 seconds from 3 seconds.
  • Fix for an issue with the tournament screen which caused it to get interrupted if you were eliminated just before the transition happened.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera could appear offset in the end of round screens.
  • Fix for the mouse cursor disappearing when using the systems menu while in gameplay.
  • Squad member offscreen indicator will now list name and health instead of a blue dot.
  • You can now equip items directly from the store and equipment page.
  • Fixed one of the issues that lead to multiple skins being equipped to the same gun.
  • Update to the collision of the ground mesh on Monaco.
  • Fixed more cases where the character deformation would look wrong in squad lineups, such as inwards knees.
  • Improved character mesh deformations.
  • General security updates.
  • Various shadow quality improvements, especially on lower-quality settings.
  • Optimized system memory usage of the game.
  • Fixed a number of console-specific crashes, especially on Xbox Series S models.
  • Various improvements to the performance of the game across the board.

There are also a number of known issues, including one relating to the new Smoking Guns event:

  • The anti-virus program “CrowdStrike” prevents players from being able to launch The Finals. If you’re running into trouble launching the game, please check if you have this software installed.
  • The Glint Tint weapon skin is partially broken, resulting in a darker look than normal, we aim to solve this by the next update.
  • The Smoking Guns splashscreen shows an incorrect end date and time. It reads February 28 but the event ends on March 7.
  • Las Vegas had issues with players being able to spawn under the sand, so we have disabled the sandstorm version of Las Vegas for now.

With all these fixes and a great new mode, The Finals is cementing itself as one of the best multiplayer games and best free shooting games you can play. Although we’d love to listen to The Finals’ underrated soundtrack while in Old West Monaco, it doesn’t exactly fit the cowboy vibe. So, throw your hat in the ring and grab some one-of-a-kind cosmetics while getting caught up on the latest The Finals Season 2 leaks – or how GTA 6 development has entered its final stages with Rockstar pulling its devs into the studio office.