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Suicide Squad Twitch Drops honor the Joker’s debut with free skins

Suicide Squad Season 1 kicks off the Joker's reign in Metropolis, and you can jazz up his clothing with the new Suicide Squad Twitch Drops.

Suicide Squad Twitch Drops the Joker: An image of the Joker in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

The wait is almost over for Suicide Squad Season 1, which unleashes one of DC Comics’ most iconic villains into Metropolis: the Joker. Kill the Justice League players can add the Clown Prince of Gotham to their roster, but don’t pay for some new skins just yet. The new Suicide Squad Twitch Drops have got you covered.

Rocksteady Studios has been rolling Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Twitch Drops since the divisive co-op game was released, outfitting each member of the current roster with dazzling skins and weapon cosmetics. The Joker is the next playable character to receive this treatment, sporting a similarly neon-soaked and synth-wave style get-up to wear while demolishing Brainiac’s forces. However, you need to act fast if you want these cosmetics added to your locker.

From Thursday, March 28, 2024, until Friday, April 5, 2024, is when you’ll have to claim the latest Suicide Squad Twitch Drops. Once the Joker’s spotlight comes to an end, it is likely Rocksteady will revert to its original order of rolling out new skins. That means that Harley Quinn is speculatively the next character to gain some additional threads. Getting your hands on these skins for Rocksteady’s multiplayer game is easy, too, as you simply just need to watch Kill the Justice League streams for a specific duration.

Suicide Squad Twitch Drops: An image of the Joker Suicide Squad Twitch Drops.

According to Warner Brothers, players will “receive cosmetic items for each 30 minutes of watch time up to 90 minutes.” Just make sure you’re watching Twitch streams that have the ‘Drops Enabled’ indicator on them. Of course, you’ll need to make sure your Twitch account is linked to your PS5 or Xbox. If you need exact details on how to do it, Warner Brothers explains the process below:

1. Go to the WB Games Account Website and choose to either Create a WB Games account or sign in to your existing WB Games Account

2. Under the Connection page for the WB Games Account site, link the console or PC platform where you plan to play Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

3. After linking your preferred game platform, select the [Connect] button for Twitch in the Connections list. Select [Continue] to proceed. Select the [Authorize] button to authorize WB Games to connect to your Twitch Account

5. Launch Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League and check your character inventory for the character cosmetics you have earned

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It really is that easy to get some free Suicide Squad skins. We’re excited to check out what Season 1 has to offer, because despite its recent onslaught of bugs, there’s a fantastic shooter within Kill the Justice League that deserves a fair shake. We’ve been spending hours rising up through the Finite Crisis ranks, acquiring every piece of Tier 3 Bane Infamy gear along the way.

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