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New MW3 Prime Gaming pack brings The Finals style skins into battle

Get your hands on the new Modern Warfare 3 Prime Gaming pack quickly, as you don't want to miss these awesome The Finals style skins.

Modern Warfare 3 Prime Gaming Pack March 2024: An image of Ghost in Call of Duty MW3 and a contestant in The Finals Season 2.

We always love when a new MW3 Prime Gaming bundle arrives, because you can’t beat adding free cosmetics to your inventory. There are loads of skins to admire in MW3, but Call of Duty has some pretty stiff from The Finals when it comes to crafting amazing cosmetics. Now, this fresh Prime Gaming pack deploys some vibrancy akin to Embark Studios’ popular shooter.

You’ll need to head over to Prime Gaming right now, as you’ll see that the ‘Color Blocked’ pack is available for redemption. Awarding Modern Warfare 3 players skins for COR-45 pistol and Striker-45 SMG, each of them is adorned with a sleek pastel color scheme, echoing the 80s-inspired visuals currently gracing The Finals – one of the best FPS games around right now.

The Striker-45 SMG is still one of the greatest MW3 guns available, even though Sledgehammer Games has deployed several nerfs to divisive multiplayer game. We’re happy to see this MW3 meta pick included in this Prime Gaming bundle, although we wish the COR-45 pistol was swapped out for an assault rifle. This bundle also splashes your Calling Card and Emblem with some eye-popping colors, just in case you feel like refreshing what your foes see upon defeat.

MW3 Prime Gaming Pack: an image of the Color Blocked Prime Gaming pack for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Like previous Prime Gaming bundles, this is available just for Xbox Series X|S and PS5 players, but also PS4 and Xbox One owners. That means pretty much anyone can rock these cosmetics, which are available until Thursday, April 25, 2024. We’d love to see more skins in this fashion deployed in the next Prime Gaming pack, but we reckon the forthcoming bundle won’t be as visually exciting.

Between Modern Warfare 3 and The Finals, there’s a lot for shooting game fans to enjoy. Call of Duty players can hunker down into iconic COD maps like Terminal in the latest entry, while The Finals fans can enjoy all the latest gizmos and weapons arriving in Season 2.

Both games are in the middle of sizeable seasonal content updates, but if there’s one small addition we’re grateful to see in MW3, it’s the long-awaited addition of in-match camo tracking. Grinding for camos has never been easier to keep your eyes on, and we’re just surprised it took this long to happen.

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