Is Party Animals coming to PS5, PS4?

Get the full overview of Party Animals' PS5 and PS4 release date and when we can expect the game to actually hit additional platforms

Party Animals PS5 PS4: Multiple animals can be seen

Party Animals has everything you could ever want in an animal-based multiplayer brawler: dogs, cats, bunnies, otters, and more. These cute furry characters, which are actually murderous little beings, have captured the attention of many during demos and playtests. But is a Party Animals PS4 and Party Animals PS5 release on the way, so PlayStation players can get in on the action with Xbox and PC players?

With its eclectic music choice, the game made a stunning impression at Xbox’s E3 2021 showcase. After a long period of silence, the team has finally announced when Party Animals is arriving and releasing and it looks just as great as it did two years ago. Many are hoping it will be on the best PS5 co-op games list with a PS5 or PS4 release.

Is Party Animals coming to PS5, PS4?

Party Animals is unlikely to come to PS5 or PS4, due to an existing exclusivity contract with Xbox. In September 2023, the game launched on Xbox and PC. But, it could come to PlayStation consoles down the line.

As with any exclusivity contract, the terms will run out, giving the game a chance to end up on PlayStation consoles. However, we aren’t sure when, or if, this will ever happen. That being said, there are plenty of games to play with friends in our best co-op games list if you need something new to try while you wait for the Party Animals release date.

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There you have it, everything we know about Party Animals PS4 and Party Animals PS5. While you might be waiting a while for the game, take a look at some more upcoming PS5 games and also our list of the best PS5 games available on the system right now.