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Is Party Animals coming to PS5 and PS4?

Get the full overview of a potential Party Animals PS5 and PS4 release date, and find out if the co-op party game is set to hit additional platforms.

Party Animals PS5: A white PlayStation logo on a blue background next to a green, dopey-looking dinosaur from Party Animals

Is Party Animals coming to PS5 and PS4? Party Animals has everything you could ever want in an animal-based multiplayer brawler: dogs, cats, bunnies, otters (especially otters), and more. These cute furry characters, which are actually little bundles of murderous joy, have captured the attention of many looking for a great party game to enjoy with friends and loved ones. But do those on PlayStation have a Party Animals PS4 and Party Animals PS5 release date to look forward to, so they can get in on the action with Xbox and PC players?

Party Animals has already secured a spot on our best co-op games list, largely because it “offers a fun time with friends thanks to its visually distinct art style and party antics” – something we note in our Party Animals review. But is it destined to land on our best PS5 co-op games list too? And if so, when will this highly-anticipated new PS5 game arrive?

Is Party Animals coming to PS5 and PS4?

Party Animals is unlikely to come to PS5 or PS4 due to an existing exclusivity contract with Xbox. In September 2023, the game launched on Xbox and PC only. The game’s developer, Recreate Games, also hasn’t commented on bringing the game to PlayStation.

As with a lot of console exclusivity contract, the terms will likely run out, giving the game a chance to end up on PlayStation consoles in the future. However, that doesn’t guarantee a PS5 or PS4 port. Party Animals being an Xbox exclusive has been a known quantity for the majority of its development, ever since its console announcement arrived at the June 2021 Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase.

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Of course, in the time since then, PlayStation enjoyers have waited with bated breath to see if Sony has been able to secure Party Animals for its own platforms. Unfortunately, Microsoft was able to lock down a timed exclusivity deal, leaving PS players twiddling the thumbsticks of their best PS5 controllers.

As mentioned, Recreate Games has not commented on the game coming to any other additional platforms. There have also been no leaks or rumors to suggest that a Party Animals PS5 version will arrive any time soon.

Best Party Animal PS5 and PS4 alternatives

While we patiently await further news on a potential Party Animals PS5 and PS4 release date, there are still plenty of great co-op party games out there to while away the hours with friends. The most similar game is Gang Beasts as it offers the same physics-based brawling, though instead of cute, cuddly animals, you’ll be beating the snot out of your pals with questionably-cute, not-so-cuddly, onesie-wearing blobs of gelatin.

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If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something physics-based, but geared more towards cooperation and solving challenging environmental puzzles, then Human Fall Flat is an absolute classic that promises hours of fun. Both games are on PS4 and PS5, so you’re good to go regardless of which generation of console you’re playing on.

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If neither of those take your fancy, you could always jump into the ever-popular Fall Guys – one of the best free PS5 games out there – for some co-op party game madness.

And there you have it, a full rundown of what we know about Party Animals PS5 and Party Animals PS4 versions. If you’re also on the lookout for something else to play outside of the party game sphere, then check out our list of the best PS5 games available on the system right now. If you’re busting a gut to get on the Party Animals hype, then be sure to bookmark this guide and check back periodically as more information hopefully surfaces. You can also take a look at which free Party Animals codes are currently active.