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New Halo Infinite update promises overhaul for Xbox multiplayer

Halo Infinite is about to launch a major update for Xbox players, which will give multiplayer matches a new layer of polish going forward.

Halo Infinite March Update 2024: an image of Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Halo Infinite multiplayer may have started in a rough spot, but developer 343 Industries has turned it around for newcomers and Halo veterans. While the studio is preparing to tone down the frequency of bigger updates for the Xbox shooter, the forthcoming Halo Infinite update is enough to reconsider jumping back into the arena for one more fight.

We encountered our fair share of frustrations with Halo Infinite back when it launched. Aside from lacking co-op game features for its single-player aspects, we found its multiplayer to be riddled with server-side issues that hindered the fun. That’s all set to change with the upcoming Halo Infinite update on Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

According to 343 Industries, the studio says it has “heard the feedback around the game’s online experience loud and clear: desync, being shot around corners, etc. And while we did release numerous updates to the previous model, they were not having the impact that players expected and deserved.” To improve matchmaking and online skirmishes, the developer confirms it has been working on “a fundamental change to the underlying networking model,” which will be rolled for the multiplayer game shortly.

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Furthermore, players can look forward to an “updated model” leading to a “better and more consistent multiplayer experience.” Alongside this foundational change to the game, 343 Industries also shares that Halo Infinite will receive anti-cheat implementation in this new update. In many of the best FPS games out there, we’ve all been beamed during battle, suspecting that the kill was a little too good. More than often not, it is down to pure skill, but there are times when pesky cheaters rear their heads.

Adding Easy Anti-Cheat will combat this, ensuring that the studio’s “detection and enforcement capabilities will be enhanced, greatly improving the game’s overall security.” You’ll see this put to the test in a refresh of Squad Battle, too, which is set to introduce some fresh locales to fight within. Squad Battle became a go-to mode for us in Halo Infinite, as we found the scale down to 8v8 a happy medium between large-scale modes and close-quarters encounters.

343 Industries is tapping the Halo Infinite community up for this rejuvenation of the playlist, as it confirms that Squad Battle will feature “seven new maps made by incredibly talented Forgers.” You can anticipate “returning classics” like Perdition from Halo 4, and a Timberland from the PC iteration of Halo Combat Evolved. Here are all the maps to get stuck into:

  • Perdition
  • Refuge
  • Timberland Evolved
  • Rendezvous
  • Gyre
  • Harvest
  • Behemoth
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There’s plenty to be excited about, but if you need an FPS fix until then, we’ve got you covered. Check out our interview with Embark Studios about The Finals’ new weapons and cosmetics, following our The Finals Season 2 preview.