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This summer’s Hogwarts Legacy update probably isn’t the DLC you want

The new Hogwarts Legacy update will finally give Xbox players access to PlayStation-exclusive content, but expectations for the rest of it should be tempered.

Hogwarts Legacy update summer expectations: a man in a top hate next to a boy wearing red and grey robes

A magical new Hogwarts Legacy update is set to arrive for free this summer, breathing new life into 2023’s best-selling game on PS5 and Xbox. However, according to a new statement shared by Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood, its scale may be more of a Flipendo than a full-blown Avada Kedavra.

Taking to Twitter to set fan expectations, Wood says that the studio is “thrilled” to see how excited everyone is about the update to last year’s best-selling RPG game. Since its announcement at the end of January, there’s been a heap of speculation regarding its contents. However, from Wood’s wording, the open-world game might not be getting the comprehensive expansion many were hoping for.

“While we are not ready to talk about it yet, I do want to set some expectations for what we are working on,” Wood begins. “Our original wording of ‘additional updates and features for the game’ was very intentional. This update is a small way of us showing appreciation to our players for the amazing reception to the game.”

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Wood’s statement certainly seems more like a reiteration than an expectation setter, with only the phrase “small way” giving any sort of loose indication as to what sort of scale we’re looking at concerning the promised “updates and features”. The sentiment appears to be ‘temper your expectations’ and don’t expect any major new content, though there’s always a chance it could be a red herring.

Following the news that Warner Bros. Games is looking to shift its development focus to always-on live-service titles, it looks like the writing’s on the wall for Hogwarts Legacy’s long-term support. If this is to be the swan song for one of 2023’s best games, then let’s hope the upcoming update is a worthy send-off. At the very least, Xbox players will finally be able to get their mitts on the PlayStation-exclusive content – result.

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