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This Helldivers 2 galactic war tracker helps turn the Terminid tide

With bugs and bots that never sleep, we now know just how many PS5 players we need to win every battle in Helldivers 2 thanks to this new tool.

Helldivers 2 galactic war progress tracker: A split image with a Helldiver holding a rocket on the left side and three drop pods entering a planet's atmosphere on the right side.

Defending the frontlines from ceaseless waves of Automatons and Terminids is no easy feat in Helldivers 2. Thousands of players have been coming together to attack and defend various planets as part of its wider galactic war. As you might imagine, it can be quite a challenge to keep track of the balance of power and figure out where your fellow Helldivers need reinforcements. Well, worry no longer. Winning Helldivers 2’s galactic war will be much easier with Helldivers.io constantly tracking the status of every planet.

Helldivers 2 sets community-wide goals to liberate and defend the various planets around Super Earth. At any given moment, this can be around ten planets, though not all will be a top priority. This community focus is one of the many reasons why it’s quickly become one of the best multiplayer games on PS5. In-game, however, effective contribution to the ongoing efforts demands you scrutinize the map first. Helldivers.io does all the heavy lifting for you by tracking the status of every active planet and telling you which planets need more players.

With a constantly updating galactic map, this new tool tracks the current progress of the Major Order and the main planets the community needs to focus on. In fact, it even details the number of players active on each planet and how it contributes to the overall rate of victory or defeat. For example, despite having a staggering 52,000 patriotic Helldivers liberating Meridia from the Terminid menace, we’re still losing it at a rate of -2.25% per hour. In other words, get your ship over to Meridia right now, Helldiver, or prepare for another loss in one of the best PS5 games out there.

Helldivers 2 galactic war progress tracker: A screenshot of Helldivers.io showing the galactic map with the active planets and their status.

Given there are many more available planets to play on the ones that are actively involved in the ongoing Helldivers 2 story, it’s a great way to find out which planets are worth your time. You might find that you’re wasting your efforts fighting bugs on one planet while bots are pushing back Super Earth’s valiant troopers on the other side of the galaxy.

If you’re curious about how Helldivers.io tracks the galactic war, then it involves a little math first. Given each planet has a max health value, so to speak, with health regenerating every second based on enemy activity, players have to successfully complete missions at a faster rate than the health decays to be able to win. In other words, planets need as many reinforcements as they can get.

However, with Helldivers 2’s game master pulling the strings behind the scenes, the galactic war can change on a dime, so stay vigilant and crash down onto the right planets. If you’re looking to up your efforts in one of the best co-op games, then finding out the best Helldivers 2 weapon and the meta options is a good way to go.

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With Helldivers 2 vehicles surely on the way soon after some lucky players got early access, we’re going to have plenty more destructive tools going forward. No doubt the game master will find a way to up the stakes in response though. For now, we’re satisfied with what we’ve crowned the best third-person shooter since 2012.

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