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Dragon’s Dogma 2’s ultimate class requires booze, and lots of it

There are plenty of enticing vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2, but the best one can be easily missed if you don’t have enough liqueur to hand.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Warfarer vocation location: An image of NPCs in Dragon's Dogma 2.

It can be easy to comfortably stick with one class in most PS5 or Xbox RPG games these days. However, the great thing about Dragon’s Dogma 2 is that every vocation is an absolute blast to master. While I’ve been focusing on the arts of Sorcery, there’s an amazing vocation that combines every class, and I almost let it pass me by. As long as you’ve got some of the finest alcohol in the land to hand, you can easily acquire the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Warfarer vocation.

If you’re currently embarking on the Dragon’s Dogma 2 quest ‘Put A Spring In Thy Step’, then you’ll eventually come across the hot springs at the Volcanic Island Camp. I find it highly amusing that the path there is determined by an older gentleman’s need to have a good bathe, but once you get there, don’t overlook the drunken NPC Lamond. He’ll be spouting off some nonsense in a beer-laden stupor, but he actually contains vital knowledge about the RPG game’s Warfarer vocation, which is hands-down its greatest class.

This vocation lets you use every other vocation at once, easily switching between them on the fly. Of course, you’ll need to have unlocked them all and have purchased their respective skill trees. Warfarer will take up one of your ability slots while in use, which is one of the vocation’s biggest drawbacks. However, easily slipping between the might of my Sorcerer abilities to that of the Mystic Spearhand more than makes up for it in one of the best open world games out there.

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You’ll need three bottles of Newt Liqueur to satiate Lamond’s hefty thirst, and in return you’ll get the Warfarer vocation – and a rotten boiled egg, because why not? I almost overlooked this in my own playthrough of the new PS5 game and new Xbox game, but I’m glad I went out of my way to fulfill his request. However, don’t be like me and only pack one bottle in your inventory on your travels. Before you reach Lamond, it’d be wise of you to locate the Newt Liqueur from these locations:

  • Higg’s Tavern Stand (Bakbattahl): 5000 Gold per bottle
  • The Forbidden Magick Research Lab (Bakbattahl):  in a room before the state of the slain dragon
  • One bottle is in Gautstafr’s and Cliodhna’s home

The latter location can be encountered during the first part of the aforementioned Put A Spring In Thy Step quest, so don’t forget to have a rummage around in Gautstafr’s abode. Dragon’s Dogma 2 doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to quests and exploration, and there’s a real old-fashioned charm that I love about this – even if I did almost miss the game’s best class because of it. Sure, it is often punishing when you’re in tricky situations, but the game’s ambitious spectacle and amazing Pawn system keep it fun.

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