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Battlefield 2042 vehicles: call-in system, vehicle list, and more

From tanks to Tuk Tuks, here's everything you need to know about vehicles in Battlefield 2042.

A Battlefield 2042 vehicle: a black helicopter flying through the night sky with a spotlight on the front

Battlefield 2042 made a couple of big changes to the way vehicles are used in its All Out Warfare game modes. With enormous lobbies and gigantic maps, transportation was always going to be a key gameplay factor. To make sure all players have more chance of getting themselves some wheels to cross the vast expanses of 2042, there’s the innovative vehicle call-in system.

As well as the new vehicle summoning system for BF2042, there are dozens of fan-favourite and all-new vehicles that you can whizz around in..

Battlefield 2042 vehicle list

These are all the Battlefield 2042 vehicles:

  • AH-6 Little Bird
  • AH-64 Apache
  • CAV-Brawler
  • EBAA Wildcat
  • EBLC-Ram
  • EMKV90-TOR
  • F-35
  • F-35E Panther
  • LATV4 Recon
  • LCAA Hovercraft
  • M1A5
  • M5C Bolte
  • MAV
  • MD540 Nightbird
  • MFS-04 Exodus
  • Mi-240 Super Hind
  • MV38-Condor
  • Polaris RZR
  • Polaris Sportsman
  • Quad Bike
  • RAH-68 Huron
  • Ranger
  • SPS Impavido
  • Su-57 Felon
  • T28
  • Tuk-Tuk
  • XFAD-4 Draugr
  • YG-99 Hannibal
  • YUV-2 Pondhawk

Battlefield 2042 vehicle call-in system

The vehicle call-in system in Battlefield 2042 lets you summon a land vehicle to your position while in action via a tablet interface. All players can do this – it is not tied to specific Battlefield 2042 specialists or classes.

The call-in system is dependent on map and mode, with each team also having a specific budget assigned to each team. This means that you cannot continually spam this to call in an unlimited supply of tanks, for example.

Also, when a player summons a vehicle, they will experience a cooldown for a certain period. This ensures the feature can’t be spammed, and that other players have the opportunity to use the team’s budget to get their own vehicle dropped into the battle.

The call-in system does not work for aerial vehicles like helicopters and jets, however. To use these, you will still have to use the classic Battlefield method of sitting in the deploy screen waiting for one to spawn.

BF2042 vehicles: A tank trundles through the battlefield in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 land vehicles

From tanks to Tuk Tuks, Battlefield 2042 has an array of land vehicles. Not only can players summon these to their position, but there is an extra focus in 2042 on the roles within vehicles. Each seat in a vehicle will have a very specific role to play, from spotters to extra gunner positions, to landmine droppers.

BF2042 vehicles: A jet flying between skyscrapers with another in hot pursuit, with a lightning bolt between them.

Battlefield 2042 air vehicles

If you love the thrill of an aerial dogfight, Battlefield 2042 may be the best in the series yet for you. BF2042 massively expanded the skybox limits of each map to give players tonnes of room for aerial combat.

Aerial vehicles like jets and helicopters are not included, however, in the vehicle call-in system. To pilot these vehicles, you’ll have to spawn in them from the deploy screen.

BF2042 vehicles: A hovercraft hurtles through the desert at high speed.

Battlefield 2042 sea vehicles

In terms of exciting aquatic vehicles in Battlefield 2042, there isn’t too much to shout about. While there are vehicles capable of going on water, such as the hovercraft, BF2042 doesn’t focus all too much on naval warfare.

So, that’s all the Battlefield 2042 vehicles currently in the game. While you’re waiting for your fighter jet to spawn, take a look at all the best FPS games you can play next.