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QBZ-83 Warzone loadout - best attachments, perks, and equipment

Here's how to create the best QBZ Warzone loadout for Black Ops Cold War's Season 4 assault rifle.

The QBZ assault rifle in Warzone

 You can no longer use the QBZ-83 in Warzone because this version of the game was shut down. However, this guide will be updated and will come in handy if the QBZ-83 ever returns. It is still available in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, however.

The QBZ-83 barely crossed the minds of most Call of Duty: Warzone players, with assault rifles like the AMAX, the XM4, and the Krig all dominating the meta. However, things are changing.

The Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update increased the time-to-kill of several assault rifles by nerfing their damage output, but the QBZ managed to not only dodge these nerfs but receive damage buffs instead. While this was balanced with a small nerf to movement speed, the QBZ perfectly fitted the bill as a powerful, long-range AR.

It also did a solid job as a sniper support (with the right attachments) thanks to not only its decent damage but super clean iron sights, meaning for mid and close-range battles you freed up an extra attachment somewhere as you didn’t need to use an optic.

Unfortunately, this unique bullpup weapon is no longer available in Warzone following the discontinuation of support for Black Ops Cold War. This means you can’t currently unlock or use the weapon in the battle royale mode. However, you can still go back to Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer modes if you want to give the QBZ a whirl for old-time’s sake. It’s worth noting that this weapon could always return in the future, as there’s nothing CoD loves more than returning old favorites to the arsenal.

QBZ Warzone loadout (long-range)

The best Warzone QBZ loadout for long-range was:

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 15.5” Task Force
  • Axial Arms 3x
  • Field Agent Grip
  • STANAG 60 Rnd Drum

If you wanted to melt at long-range with the QBZ, this was the Warzone class for you. It was a pretty standard lineup of attachments that most long-range ARs use, and it turns the QBZ into a bit of a monster.

By default, the QBZ did have very low recoil, so if you thought you could handle it, you could have swapped the Field Agent Grip with the Bruiser Grip instead, which brought up your movement stats.

You wanted to pair this with an agile and lethal close-range SMG. There were a few potential options back in Season 4, so you could pick a build from any of these loadout guides and find one that suited you best. Our pick was the MP5, but all the others were viable too:

For perks, you couldn’t go wrong with the trio of Double Time, Overkill, and Amped. For your equipment, a Heartbeat Sensor and Semtex were a good duo for this loadout.

Warzone QBZ loadout: A gunfight rages around a loadout drop in Warzone.

QBZ Warzone loadout (sniper support)

The best Warzone QBZ sniper support loadout was:

  • Suppressor
  • 15.5” Takedown
  • Tiger Team Spotlight
  • Bruiser Grip
  • 45 Rnd Drum Mag

A very different build in comparison to the long-range QBZ Warzone loadout, but if you loved running a sniper then you should have considered this as a secondary instead.

Recovering some of the movement speed that was lost during the Season 4 Reloaded update was the key here, hence why the Task Force barrel had been replaced with the Takedown. The Tiger Team Spotlight and Bruiser Grip also bumped these stats up.

As you can see, we didn’t opt for an optic attachment. The QBZ boasted very good iron sights, which served you well even at range. If you didn’t get along with them though, you could always have swapped the Bruiser Grip out for a Microflex LED.

Obviously, you’d be pairing this with a sniper, and there were two meta picks at the time: the Swiss K31 and the Kar98k. Which one you chose came down to personal preference and which one you had levelled up the most:

For perks, Double Time, Overkill, and Amped were once again the best choices. For tactical equipment, you could run a Heartbeat Sensor, but Stun Grenades were always a good shout in a sniper class too. For your lethal equipment, Thermite Grenades offered both explosive damage and a useful way to stop people pushing you at close range.

So there were two nasty loadouts for the QBZ in Warzone back in the heydays of Black Ops Cold War Season 4 as it rose up the Warzone meta following a wave of big buffs and nerfs across the board.