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Apex Legends’ Rampage LMG can out-DPS the Spitfire

Content creator 'staycation' gives us all the lowdown on everything from the Rampage's damage numbers to its recoil pattern

Apex Legends' Rampart firing the Rampage LMG

Apex Legends Emergence is certainly living up to its namesake, with the emergence of new legend Seer, the emergence of Apex Legends Arena ranks, and most importantly the emergence of gondolas you can gunfight in on World’s Edge. Of course, it’s not a new Apex season without a new weapon – this time it’s the Rampage LMG. Respawn has now teamed up with content creator ‘staycation’ to give us all the lowdown on the game’s latest gun.

The brainchild of Rampart, the Rampage is, according to staycation, the slowest-firing automatic weapon in Apex Legends. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the LMG has a very forgiving recoil pattern. Oh, and if you amp it up with a Thermite Grenade then not only will its fire rate improve, but as shown in the Emergence gameplay trailer you can even shoot down doors with it too.

But what about the damage numbers? Well, from staycation’s testing we can see that, for each piece of Heavy Ammo spent, the Rampage will deal 42 damage to the head, 28 to the body, and 24 to the arms and legs. The content creator says that while the Rampage excels at medium to long range, you’ll want to amp it up for closer encounters – presumably because you’ll be versed against players packing R99s.

According to Apex insider ‘Shrugtal’, the Rampage’s effective DPS comes in at a cool 140, which by default is weaker than the Spitfire’s 170. However, when amped the new LMG will outshine its older cousin.

With the Rampage set to pack a real punch in Apex Legends Emergence, we’re eager to see where it will land in our Apex Legends weapons tier list.