Warzone’s Red Door stations now contain mysterious, booby-trapped loot crates

Something sinister is going on with the Red Doors in Warzone Season 4...

An operator holding a golden machine gun approaches a Red Door fast travel portal in Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 4 Reloaded update is now live, and while the new Payload mode and the mind-boggling number of weapon balancing changes will make most of the headlines, there’s also been a change to Warzone’s mysterious Red Doors. If you’re a fan of easter eggs, mystery, and speculation, then you’ll want to listen up.

A few days ago, the spawn rate of the Red Doors was cranked up to the max, meaning that instead of just coming across a handful every game, it was guaranteed that there would be one in all 30 of the Warzone Red Door locations. Admittedly, there was (and still is) the caveat that once Red Doors had collectively been used ten times in a match, they all disappeared.

Now, following the update, the doors are still spawning at a crazy rate, but it’s what’s going on inside the stations you get teleported to that is interesting. In all stations, a unique-looking type of loot crate is spawning.

This crate is covered in flickering red numbers, similar to the ones you see when travelling through a Red Door in Warzone.

Opening one of these boxes will give you the usual bundle of loot, but small red cubes will also spill out onto the floor. These can’t be picked up or collected, however.

On top of this, in some select stations, there’s another strange-looking loot crate. This one is matte black, and is actually a booby trap. Opening it will give you no loot, but will instead trigger a gas grenade that fills the room with toxic fumes.

In these stations with booby trap boxes, specific dialogue lines in a Russian accent – which is almost certainly Stitch – will also play. On spawning in, you may hear: “You are mine now”, or “Adler cannot save you; no one can”. Opening the booby trap crate will also trigger a line saying: “Ha, pathetic.”

Another new oddity following the update is that occasionally you will not actually be transported to a station at all, and will instead be redeployed in the air.

Whether this is all the beginning of a big easter egg, or just the next step towards unravelling the story behind the Red Doors, is not yet known. But even if you don’t care for that kind of stuff, Red Doors are still a great way to get tonnes of loot – including the new Sentry Turret killstreak.

We’re also on the hunt for new Warzone Red Door locations, and will update our guide if we find any.