Warzone Red Door locations – where are the Red Doors in Warzone Season 4

Here's everything you need to know about Warzone's Red Door fast travel system

A Red Door fast travel portal in Call of Duty Warzone

The words “Red Door” were shrouded in mystery and speculation from even before the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. First, Red Door was the codename given to Black Ops Cold War before it released; then the Red Door played a part in its campaign; then Red Doors were shown in trailers for Warzone Season 3’s Verdansk ‘84 map; and now, finally, Red Doors are being added to Warzone for Season 4.

But what are Red Doors? Well, they are a sort of fast-travel system for players to quickly zip around Verdansk, but they also allow players to stuff their pockets full of cash and high-tier loot. Red Doors, which emit a faint but noticeable metallic jangling noise when you’re near them, will open up to reveal a portal. Stepping through it will randomly teleport you to one of several sealed rooms within Verdansk, which are called stations. These are full of loot – and a few mysteries too.

Following the Season 4 Reloaded update, the stations you get to through Red Doors now contain some rather sinister-looking loot crates, and some cryptic voice lines will play depending on which one you go to.

Here’s everything we know about Red Doors in Warzone so far.

Warzone Red Door Fast Travel system

Warzone’s new fast travel system will add a different way to get around the map. While it can zip you around Verdansk, its main purpose is actually for getting some high-tier loot.

Warzone Red Door loot

When you find a Red Door in Warzone Season 4, it will transport you to a secret ‘station’ room somewhere around the map. Inside are at least two loot crates, some cash, and various other goodies.

In Season 4, going through a Red Door will guarantee your squad an Advanced UAV, at least one Durable Gas Mask, and at least one of the newly-added killstreak, the Sentry Turret. Plus, there’s a chance you’ll pull a Specialist Bonus as well.

Warzone Red Door locations

There are 38 Red Door locations in Warzone. There were initially 32, and following the Season 4 Reloaded update, six new locations were added to the Farmland POI.

The 38 Red Door locations are clustered around a few areas of the map:

  • Summit
  • Old Mine
  • Salt Mine
  • Stadium
  • Factory
  • Downtown Tower
  • Hills
  • Farmland 

Here’s a map with each green dot representing a potential spawn point for a Red Door, along with some directions on how to reach each one.

A map of all known Red Door locations in Warzone



  • Ground floor of main building, just next to the doors to the control room
  • First floor of the main building in the stairwell
  • In the cable car room next to the main building
  • In a different cable car room on the northeast edge of Summit (this room is for the cable car line that goes down under the bridge)
  • Inside the larger building on the northeast side of Summit next to the helipad. The door is to the left of a Soviet flag hanging on the wall
  • In the top floor of the L-shaped building on the southwest side of Summit, next to the other helipad

Old Mine

  • Bottom floor of the L-shaped building in Old Mine
  • Bottom floor of the largest building in Old Mine

Salt Mine

  • There are three Red Doors within the largest building complex in Salt Mine. One is on the top floor of the north section, one is on the floor below in the same section, and the other is on the middle floor of the south section.
  • In the salt storage room on the western side of Salt Mine (it’s a kind of L-shape building, and it’s the one nearest the base of the cliff)
  • There is a Red Door in each of the large buildings overlooking the salt crystallising field. In the building to the west of the salt field, it’s on the first floor. In the building to the south of the salt field, it’s on the top floor.


  • On the side of the scoreboard at the northwest end of Stadium
  • In a room full of graffiti on the ground floor, next to the northeast stairwell
  • Very close to the previous one, in an office room next to a whiteboard and desk
  • On the ground floor underneath the commentary booth
  • In the stair well leading up to the commentary booth
  • On the external wall to the left of the southeast entrance (it’s hard to spot as it’s in the shadows, but it’s next to a painted mural of an ocean wave)


  • Inside the plane that sits outside in the central yard
  • Inside the north, rectangular blue hangar, tucked in the southeast corner
  • In the inspection pit underneath the disassembled plane in the largest building in the south of Factory
  • Head to the roof of the largest building, go to the northeast corner, and drop down on to the lower outside level. There’s a Red Door tucked away next to a red pipe
  • In the middle of the underground corridor linking the large hangar building and the tall rectangular one next to it
  • Above the office section of the tall rectangular building to the east of the large hangar

Downtown tower

  • On the second floor of Downtown Tower, set against a marble wall
  • On floor 32 in the construction area, set against a pillar


  • At the base of the windmill
  • Under the overhang of the large barn in Hills
  • The top floor of the same barn next to some hay bales
  • In the bedroom of the farmhouse on the eastern side of Hills


  • Go to the barn immediately southeast of the church building. There is a red door in the external overhanging section
  • Immediately to the left as you go through the front door of the church
  • On the first floor next to the small reading/ library area (pretty much above the front door)
  • Inside the small shack immediately southeast of the church
  • Inside the garage building next to the church
  • On the top floor of the building that is painted blue around the bottom. The blue section also has Russian words painted all over it in white and small red and yellow sun symbols

In Warzone Season 4, Red Doors are guaranteed to be at every spawn point. However, so that they can’t be completely abused all game, they will all despawn after players have used them ten times in a single match.

An operator holding a golden machine gun approaches a Red Door fast travel portal in Warzone

Warzone Red Door stations

Stations are the loot-filled rooms you are transported to after going through a Red Door. The station you are taken to is random.

The stations are named after a phonetic letter of the alphabet (Alpha Station, Bravo Station, etc.). So far, the furthest into the alphabet we’ve seen is Mike Station (M), so there should be at least 13 stations.

If you try and access a station from the outside, you will be met with a barricaded door. The only way to get into them is via a Red Door.

Warzone streamer ‘GeekyPastimes’ has collated a list of all the Red Door stations, except for one.

As you can see, the community is still trying to pin down India Station. We’re not sure whether it’s bugged, if Red Doors have a lower chance of taking you there, or if it is potentially part of an easter egg. Once we find out, we’ll let you know.

Warzone Red Door station crates

Following the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update, all Red Door stations will contain one strange looking loot crate. This unique crate will stop drop you some loot, but it is covered in the red numbers you see when going through a Red Door portal.

In some stations, there will also be another type of loot crate, which is a matte black with some red accents. These are actually booby traps – there is no loot inside, and instead gas will pour out, filling the room. A voiceline will also play in a Russian accent saying: “Ha, pathetic.”

So far, the stations we’ve found with booby trapped black loot boxes are:

  • Bravo Station
  • Charlie Station
  • Lima Station

We also found one instance at the start of a game where going through a Red Door did not take you to a station, but instead redeployed you in the air. It’s not clear if that was intentional or bugged.

Warzone Red Door easter egg

With all of this weirdness going on with the Red Doors, a Warzone easter egg involving them is surely in the works.

With mysterious India station still missing, the Warzone mines still sealed off, and these new voice lines, crates with numbers on, and booby traps are all pointing towards an intriguing narrative.

We’ll keep updating this guide as we come across more Red Door information and locations, so keep it close by!

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