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Warzone Red Door locations: where to find Red Doors

Here's everything you need to know about Warzone's Red Doors in Black Ops Cold War Season 5.

A Red Door fast travel portal in Call of Duty Warzone

 This content is no longer available in-game following the removal of the Verdansk map and the discontinuation of support for the Black Ops Cold War version of Warzone.

The words ‘Red Door’ were shrouded in mystery and speculation from even before the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. First, Red Door was the codename given to Black Ops Cold War before it released; then the Red Door played a part in its campaign; then Red Doors were shown in trailers for Warzone Season 3’s Verdansk ‘84 map; and finally, Red Doors were added Warzone.

But what were Warzone Red Doors? Well, they were a sort of fast-travel system for players to quickly zip around Verdansk, but they also allowed players to stuff their pockets full of cash and high-tier loot. Unfortunately, with the removal of Black Ops Cold War support from Warzone, Verdansk and the Red Door locations are no longer available.

Warzone Red Door locations

The Warzone Red Door locations were clustered around a few areas of the map:

  • Summit
  • Old Mine
  • Salt Mine
  • Stadium
  • Factory
  • Downtown Tower
  • Hills
  • Farmland 
  • Airport
  • Train Station
  • Hospital
  • Boneyard

Here is a map showing the locations of each Red Door and the 13 stations you could be transported to after going through a Red Door.

In Warzone Season 5 during the Black Ops Cold War era, Red Doors were not guaranteed to be at every spawn point. Plus, so that they couldn’t be completely abused all game, they despawned after players had used them ten times in a single match.

Going through a Red Door would take you to a corridor, which contained five more Red Doors. You had around ten seconds to pick a door to go through before you were ejected from the corridor and dropped back into Verdansk. Pretty tense!

When walking up to the five doors, a voice line would play. Four of them were Stitch voice lines, and one was Adler. While all five doors took you to a station full of loot, Stitch stations contained booby-trapped black loot crates which released gas into the room if you opened them.

Adler rooms were also necessary for completing the Red Door easter egg.

Warzone Red Door locations: An operator holding a golden machine gun approaches a Red Door fast travel portal in Warzone.

Warzone Red Door stations

Stations were the loot-filled rooms you were transported to after going through a Red Door.

In Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone Season 5, entering a Red Door took you to a corridor with five other Red Doors. Going through one of these would finally transport you to one of the stations.

Each of the 13 stations was named after a letter of the phonetic alphabet, starting with Alpha Station and going along to Mike Station.

If you tried to access a station from the outside, you were met with a barricaded door. The only way to get into them was via a Red Door.

Warzone streamer ‘Geeky Pastimes’ had collated a list of all the Red Door stations and their locations, all for one which has alluded the community until recently: India Station.

Warzone Red Door locations: The interior of the India Station, with several monitors and tech around the room.

Warzone Red Door loot

Once you reached a Station, you had lots of Red Door loot to scoop up. In Season 5, going through a Red Door guaranteed your squad an Advanced UAV, at least one Durable Gas Mask, and at least one of the newly-added killstreak – the Sentry Turret. Plus, there was a chance you’ll find a Specialist Bonus as well.

If you went through the Adler door in the Red Door corridor, you could also find a blueprint for the Cane melee weapon called Lost Lion.

Warzone Red Door easter egg

With all of this weirdness going on with the Red Doors, a Warzone easter egg involving them was always on the cards.

Following the Season 5 Reloaded update, a cryptic easter egg involving the Red Doors went live, seemingly accidentally.

With the Warzone mines still sealed off, mobile broadcast stations, and mysterious Warzone containers scattered around the map, the Red Doors were all part of an intriguing narrative.

Well, that was everything you needed to know about Warzone’s Red Doors, including all the locations and loot that was available.